Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BBC: The British Brainwashing Corporation

The BBC is, was and always has been Britain's principal propaganda agency. Founded in 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company, under the management of the monstrous hypocrite, Lord Reith, the BBC was soon to prove its worth to the government in its handling of news and comment during the 1926 General Strike, when it  accepted a government veto on broadcast comment by both Trades Union leaders and the opposition Labour Party leader, Ramsay MacDonald.

In response to criticism of these acts of censorship by Philip Snowden, a former Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, Reith stated:
... We do not believe that any other Government, even one of which Mr Snowden was a member, would have allowed the broadcasting authority under its control greater freedom than was enjoyed by the BBC during the crisis.
Today, the BBC spends more than five billion pounds a year, mainly money extorted as a license fee from anyone with a television set, to ensure that the British public is well and truly indoctrinated.

The degrading obscenity and treasonous intent of BBC propaganda is well illustrated with macabre humor by Robert Henderson's essay: The Archers – an everyday story of simple ever more politically correct folk.

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