Friday, June 22, 2012

Rampant Racism at the University of Minnesota

Lendley Black, President of the University of Minnesota believes white people should be ashamed of being white, or so one must assume from this video, sponsored by the University, which seeks to shame and demoralize white people for the mere fact of their being white.

In the video, to be white is said to be a privilege. And it's not just said, it's written over the faces of the rather stupid white people who volunteered to be in the video, or the rather despicable white people who accepted payment to appear in the video.

Why is it a privilege to be white?

Because, according to some poor child who probably means everything for the best:

"people see us, Not (double underlined) a color."

Think about that. What she's saying, and what's written on her face (a nice humiliating touch that), is that American white people are incapable of acknowledging those of color as people with a personality, with rights, etc., to be judged on their merits, but see them only as objects.

That's blatant nonsense. It's also a blatant anti-white racist slur.

The slur is repeated in different words by a young witless white male saying:

"We're privileged because we don't get stared at when we walk into the room."

Meaning, clearly, that all white Americans are so crassly ill-mannered as to rudely stare if a colored person walks into the room, which in any case flatly contradicts the claim of the girl that white people see a non-white only as a color, i.e., as a person of no account, someone at whom one has no reason to stare.

Then there's the middle aged female agent of political correctness intoning the words written on her face:

"We're privileged we don't get followed by security when we go shopping."

But what is the assumption here? That white people should be ashamed that their behavior provides no statistical basis to indicate they are a special security risk?

Then there's a female complaining that:

"We're pulled over when we're in the wrong neighborhood."

Does she really likes the idea of getting into the wrong neighborhood and being mugged, raped, or what?

Then there's some dopey guy saying:

"We're privileged because society was set up for us."

Really. It's hard to believe George Washington, John Adams, James Madison or Tom Payne would have done anything for the benefit of this brainwashed moron whose ancestors were probably still hoeing turnips in the old country long after America's founding.

Then he tells us:

"And our silence, keeps it in place."

What it keeps in place, he fails to mention. Presumably the white American tradition (alleged) of staring rudely at a non-white person when they walk into the room.

Then to end it, there's the same simple-minded innocent that the video began with saying:

"We're privileged. And that's unfair."

But a privilege is:
A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to one person or group of people.
And no such right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to white people has been demonstrated.

This video is simply an expression of white self-hatred. A bizarre pathology that flourishes, apparently, in the intellectual environment of a state-funded institution of higher education.

Students should boycott the University of Minnesota - Duluth as a gesture of solidarity with white people and in opposition to racist hate speech.

Enrollment numbers are all that most university administrators care about. It determines how much taxpayers' money they get to spend on indoctrinating taxpayers' children to hate their own parents, etc., and how much the school president and football coach get paid. Slash the enrollment numbers as an expression of public disapprobation and the universities will rapidly change course.


More about UM's hate whitey campaign here.

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