Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liberal Bigotry: The Only Kind of Pro-White There Is

Mass murderer Anders Breivic. The only
kind of advocate for white people there can be?
Seventy percent of the British public oppose mass immigration, yet the only parties committed to ending mass immigration are the BNP, run by the clown and racist, Nick Griffin, and the British Freedom Party, a BNP spinoff and the political wing of the Anders-Breivik-connected English Defence League.

Thus as the state has worked, since the Government of Edward Heath, to the destroy the British nation as a racial and cultural entity, the self-proclaimed nationalists, led by con-artists, anti-democrats, racists and thugs have provided the ruling elite an invincible defense against the charge of treason.

How convenient. How impossible, in the mind of the state-educated, BBC-Guardian-brainwashed liberal-leftie to believe that anyone could oppose the genocide of the British people by mass immigration other than out of shear nigger-hating racism.

The same combination of state-controlled education and liberal-left bigotry of the mainstream media enables the destruction of the founding European group in the United States. As JAY explains, only a racist is pro-white in America.


  1. Good point.

    Nick Griffin might be the best one can hope for. In the US in the late 70s, a Nazi group held the march on Skokie, Illinois. The leader was one Frank Collins, later revealed as Francis Joseph Cohen, probable government plant and definite child molester.

    The worst of it is, Griffin et al. might not even be for real. A study done in the late 1990s in Germany noted that over 70% of all "neonazi" groups were likely government sting squads. It was certainly that in America, where FBI "skinheads" were spying on ATF "skinheads" during the run-up to the Oklahoma City bombing.

    So if I want my culture to survive and I want to organize, given the odds, I might be contributing to somebody's clown act. Or worse. Not an excuse to do nothing. But frustrating.

    1. After watching Griffin throw his chances in the last election, accusing his campaign manager of attempted murder, featuring a bottle of Marmite in a national TV broadcast, bloodying the nose of a Times reporter so "people will know we have not gone soft," how can one doubt he's a fake?

      And as for the establishment, they openly work for a foreign power, and here. But “When treason prospers, none dare call it treason.”

    2. Speaking of not real candidates for Parliament, here's a column by Peter Hitchens on how Anthony Blair appeared out of nowhere onto the political scene.