Monday, May 7, 2012

Freedom of Speech, No 37: UK Police Blacklist "blacklist"

UK: POLICE chiefs have banned IT staff from using the word "blacklist" over fears it is RACIST, reports the Sun.

But as the term "blacklist," which dates to the 17th Century, is not RACIST, one had to conclude that British POLICE chiefs are complete twats.

The computer term whitelist — used to denote a list of acceptable contacts — has also been outlawed, the Sun report continues:
In an email, Scotland Yard warned staff the words were no longer “appropriate”.

Security services chief Brian Douglas wrote: “I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no longer used.” He suggested using green and red list instead.
So in Britain, it is now RACIST to use any term that some police twat calls "inappropriate". And what is RACIST constitutes a criminal offense. So it is now possible in Britain to be gaoled for using a term that some twat in the police thinks is "INAPPROPRIATE."

Furthermore, Scotland Yard said: “This is not a change in policy."

So imposing the politically correct tyranny of twats is nothing new in Britain. It's ongoing policy no doubt fully supported by the liberal and pseudo-Con twats running the government.

One can only hope that some Amerindian immigrants to the UK will take the tyrannical idiots to court over the proposed use of the term "REDLIST."

blacklist n. (ca 1619) : a list of persons who are disapproved of ...

Other words Britain's dimbulb police chiefs may find RACIST because their use might lead to complaint by some miserable, thin-skinned, illiterate immigrant from the Caribbean or Africa who has been taught by Britain's self-hating white liberal elite to consider him or herself the perpetual victim of white RACISM include:

black damp
black death
black lung
Black Mass
black rot
black widow

Use of the following terms will surely also be criminalized as white supremacist:

white hope
white knight
white lie 

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  1. Foolishness worthy of the DOJ under Eric Holder.