Monday, April 16, 2012

Did Anders Breivik Strike a Blow For or Against Multicultural Genocide in Europe?

Source: Islamophobia Watch. The unstated assumption that Islamophobia Watch
makes is that if you oppose multiculturalism and European genocide by mass
immigration you are a fist waving Nazi like Anders Breivik

After 9/11, one must always ask: Cui bono? who gains?

If Anders Breivik thought that killing 80 of his Norwegian compatriots struck a blow against multiculturalism and the genocide of the Norwegian people by mass immigration, he was, and presumably remains, totally insane.

But according to the most recent psychiatric report, Anders Breivik is, and presumably always has been, sane.

And if Breivik was sane at the time of the Oslo bombing and Utoya massacre for which he claims responsibility, then his intention must have been to achieve precisely what he did achieve, namely, to smear by association with his criminal action the great majority of Europe's indigenous population who share his claimed opposition to multiculturalism and mass immigration.

So which is it? Is Breivik a nutter? Or is he an agent of the same evil forces that used 9/11 to bring the American people to the will of a globalist elite intent on war for global empire?

Aangirfan provides a mass of information that may help you decide.

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