Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birth Control, Canadian Style: Or how one Western nation is committing suicide

With a fertility rate of 1.36, versus the replacement rate of 2.1, Vancouver's existing population will decline by three quarters in just three generations as they are replaced by people from elsewhere.

Vancouver, like the great cities of Western Europe, now makes largely sterile those it sucks in to power the economic machine: they work, die with few if any descendants, and are replaced, mainly by those of another race and culture.

This is evolution in progress. The Western nations are dying at the hands of a machine of their own construction, replacing themselves with the people of the Third World.

And as the Western peoples destroy themselves, so also is Western Civilization destroyed. Thus, insists Rowan Williams the retiring Archbishop of Canterbury, Sharia law in Britain is inevitable.

Which makes one wonder: is this really the expression of the democratic will? Do the people of the West consciously and deliberately wish for their own extinction? Or are the European peoples victims of a traitorous elite that accepts the genocide of their own people as the price of global power?

To oppose this genocide is, by some, called racism. Yet those who come from the Third World to the West should be aware: they likely will also be made largely sterile by the machine as were the Europeans they have replaced: they have been summoned to serve the machine, ultimately to be replaced, not by their own posterity, but by who ever may provide the cheapest labor. For, as the owners of the machine understand, immigrants are cheaper than citizens raised and educated at home, and are more easily controlled than an indigenous population with a sense of national identity and a belief in the Western tradition of human and civil rights.

If resistance is to be anything but futile, the nations of the Earth, Black, White, Red, Yellow and Brown, must join in opposition to the globalist agenda. Even then, the chance of avoiding assimilation -- the reduction of mankind to the status of a domesticated animal to be bred, culled, and indoctrinated at the will a deracinated globalist elite -- will be less than fair.

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  1. Now you know how native Canadians felt when their lands were invaded.

    1. Your comment reveals a benighted ignorance.

      It also reveal a loathsome racist delight in the destruction of the European peoples.

      There is no reason why the first nations of Canada, if that is who you mean by "native Canadians," should ever have felt as many Europeans feel today, for the first nations of Canada were never systematically betrayed by their own leaders.

      Moreover, despite the harsh consequences of foreign settlement, the first nations of Canada now thrive, being:

      the most rapidly expanding ethnicity in Canada -- with a fertility in excess of 3.0, well above the replacement rate;

      the beneficiaries of treaties that give them a recognized right to large tracts of territory, and the right to self-determination;

      citizens under a federal system of government free to chose between living in a native community heavily supported by Canadian taxpayers where they can rediscover and perpetuate their ancient culture, language and way of life, or of leaving the reserve and joining the larger Canadian community without prejudice or discrimination.

  2. I saw this report on one of the very few times I watched the local news. Canada has been a leader in the elimination of the white race for decades. Here on the West Coast it is primarily Oriental/Caucasian mixtures.

    Back East it is a total soup of humanity. Actually, in 1980 when I was preggers with my first child, I moved from Toronto because one look in the classrooms of the local schools and I saw my race was so very much in the minority! I wanted my girl to know who and where she came from, 11 generations of Canada in her blood.

    Neither of mine plan to have children either. Student loans. Careers. Decent men. The horrors of Fukushima and war. I have told them, no pressure from me for them to breed and so it seems I won't hold grandkids.

    The end is near... end of SOMETHING... when women refuse to "give suck" as they say in biblical terms.

    Meanwhile, Israel continues on its racist way....

    1. Yes, the Jews, at least, understand that reproduction has something to do with national survival and, in Israel, reproduce like crazy, some of them anyhow. For Ashkenazi Haredim, for example, the total fertility rate (no. of children per woman) rose to 8.51 in 1980, and the figure for 2008 is estimated to be even higher.

      In North America, however, Jews appear to be dying out like the Europeans, convinced as the Europeans apparently are, that ensuring the continued existence of your own people is terribly evil: both racist and environmentally destructive -- a belief we no doubt owe largely to the K to middle-age system of state formulated education, i.e., indoctrination.

      Why the Canadian elite took against the Europeans, I am not sure, but my bet is that it is the result a Trudeauvian scheme of Eugenics, which aims at producing a blended race for a globalized world. The Europeans, being by far the largest ethnic group at the outset, had to be made largely sterile.