Thursday, February 16, 2012

German MP's propose tax on the childless

The idea of taxing people who have no children will no doubt arouse indignation among the brains-washed liberal-leftist masses who have been educated to understand that the only thing wrong with sex is that it perpetuates the human race.

Some German MP's, however, have had the temerity to propose a tax on childless adults as a measure to combat the catastrophic, nation-destroying collapse in the German birthrate. By imposing a tax on the childless, the state would provide couples with an incentive to have children by at least marginally lessening the financial burden of so doing.

At the same time, those without children, would by virtue of the tax, come to bear part of the financial burden that others bear in raising the children upon whom they will become dependent in old age.

To some, the idea that the childless become dependent on other people's children in old age may seem strange, for they will argue, provided I have saved for retirement I will be dependent on no one. But that is not the case. Without a younger generation to provide the labor that delivers the goods and services that the elderly need in order to survive beyond the point of retirement, the elderly cannot remain alive however much money they might have saved.

Oh, it will be said by the thoughtless or the self-genocidal, there will always be immigrants to do the work that we are unable to do when we are old. But that is precisely the problem. If Europeans have no children, there will in future be none of the existing European nations remaining on the face of the Earth.

Yes, there will still be people calling themselves Germans, or French or English, but they will not be the descendants of those ancient races. The proposed legislation would be a small step toward ending the present ongoing self-genocide of the European peoples.

Read article from the German edition of The Local


  1. It would be a good idea as long as it is made clear that the benefit of having children only applies if both parents are of native stock. Otherwise, natives will simply end up subsidizing the invaders even more.

  2. Yes, the problem you raise had crossed my mind, but I assume that the most philoprogenitive immigrants are already net recipients of wealth transfers via the tax system from the indigenous population, so implementation of the proposal should have minimal impact on immigrant reproduction.