Saturday, January 14, 2012

The New World Order and the Drive for an Independent Scotland

Will Scotland be free or just a manageable
chunk to be fed into the Euro-blender? (Image source)
Aangirfan has a thought-provoking piece on the consequences of independence for Scotland, which suggests that separation would make the Scotch significantly better off than the English.

What such calculations ignore is that if regions are free to split from larger political units to maximize resource revenue per capita, then why won't the Highlands and Islands split from Scotland and take the bulk of the oil revenue with them?

By tradition, the Highlanders never liked those lowland bastards and will be happy to let them freeze in the dark.

Then why would London, which subsidizes most of the UK, not split too? The bankers may be crooks but they generate a lot of income, and as a city state, London would have more cred than almost any other metropolis.

After that, maybe the SouthWest could separate, establishing themselves as a homeland for the Celts: no immigrants, thank you.

The net result of this kind of anti-nationalist politics will be the disintegration of geopolitically significant nation states into trivialities at the mercy of the world's great powers, most notably, in the case of the remnants of a UK breakup, the undemocratic EU and US/NATO.

When US/NATO tells the Scotch or the Welsh or the Cornish what weapons systems are to be located on their territory, or how many troops they are to supply for the next war of imperial aggression, how much independence do these people think they'll have?

A saner route for those who want greater autonomy, would be to work for regional devolution within a federal state. The Blair scheme for Scotch and Welsh Parliaments while England remains governed in all matters above the municipal by the Parliament in Westminster, an institution often dominated by Scotch or Welsh politicians, was either a work of monumental incompetence, or a devious scheme to destroy the United Kingdom: the latter surely being the case, since Blair is nothing if not a creature of the New World Order, which requires the destruction of the nation state.

A rational scheme for devolution in the UK would divide the country into a dozen provinces including Scotland, North and South, Wales, North and South, England, East and West, top, middle and bottom, plus London and Northern Ireland. Most powers would be devolved to the regions with the exception of control over the central bank, foreign policy and defense. Logically, the newly devolved nation would provide the Republic of Ireland with a standing invitation to join, as one or two additional provinces for a total of probably 14 self-governing regions within a Confederation of the British Isles.

But now the Scotch have latched onto the idea of getting rich at the expense of the English and gratifying what that son of the Manse John Buchan called their "narrow nationalism," it is doubtful if the tide undermining the Union can be stemmed.

But beside finding themselves a very small fish in the EU, US/NATO world, the Scotch may find that after independence the broad high road to London, or what Sam Johnson called the only fine prospect in Scotland, is beset with many hurdles, particularly if the breakup of Britain provokes an English nationalist backlash. For the four million Scots who have already taken the high road South, that might prove troublesome indeed: visas, passports at the border, the Scotch Groat not accepted as currency in England, passenger manifests required for all flights over England originating or ending in Scotland, English control of Naval bases Clyde and Faslane, US control of anti-missile radar installations, and much, much more.

Here, Peter Hitchens explains how Scottish nationalism will transform Britain into a collection of manageable chunks to be fed into the Euro-blender and destroyed for ever.
Notice how any part of the UK can have a referendum on reducing the powers of London (and Northern Ireland can vote to leave the Union altogether, any time it wants to).

But nobody can have a vote of any kind on reducing the powers of  Brussels, let alone on leaving the EU.

The truth is obvious, but nobody observes it.

Brussels rejoices to see Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland becoming ever more separate from England.

It would like to see England itself Balkanised into ‘regions’ – and the new multicultural republic of London under President Boris is a major step towards that.


  1. Scotch is a drink , bait taken but blog not read , you choose.

  2. The Scotch can speak as they wish, in Gaelic for all the English will care.

    But Scotch is a recognized adjective referring to things of Scotland, including the people, with a long history of usage in the English language:

    Mr Gladstone's Scotch campaign has been as triumphant a success as the most enthusiastic Home-rulers could desire. The Spectator, June 26, 1886.

    So sorry, political correctness is not working for you here.

  3. I would have to agree, should Scotland secede from the UK, I think it would be helpless before the rapacious eyes of the US and NATO, just chomping at the bit to further exploit the situation just as they want to do in Iraq, Libya and others.

  4. Report Treason,, it IS now, if not when? if not us, who?