Monday, December 26, 2011

Globalist Lies About Offshoring Jobs

The globalist lies about the British job market

Robert Henderson

England Calling, November  19, 2011: One of the great lies of the modern liberal is that in developed countries such as Britain unskilled  and low skilled jobs are a rapidly shrinking commodity.  Daniel Knowles of the Daily Telegraph  was at it  on 17 November with Our greatest social problem: there are no jobs left for the dim (  He tried to explain  away Britain’s growing problem of youth unemployment by arguing that the less bright, less educated British youngsters of  today are unemployed because “Robots and Chinese people have taken over the sorts of jobs that 16 year olds could get without any qualifications straight out of school and work in for a lifetime.  The only jobs left for the under-educated, or often just the less academic, are in service industries: serving coffee, cleaning toilets, stacking shelves. These jobs are not the first rung on the ladder. There is no ladder; no one hopes to work in Pret a Manger for life.”

There are several interesting aspects of Knowles’ comment. First, he assumes that offshoring jobs to places like China is something which cannot be reversed and the practice carries no moral opprobrium.  Second, he makes the assumption that everyone wants a career rather than just a secure job which allows them to live independently. Third, he makes no mention of the role mass immigration has played in creating unemployment amongst the young, something which can only be explained by  Knowles being of the generation which has been brainwashed into pretending that the ill effects  of immigration do not exist.

Knowles’ ideas about the young could be as readily applied to British workers of all ages if one accepts his interpretation of  the state of the labour market.  He is right on the superficial detail that  less well-qualified Britons British workers are increasingly being left without unskilled and low-skilled work, but wrong in understanding of why this is and his implied assumption that Britain’s economic circumstances cannot be changed.

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  1. The globalist neocon keynesian does not sleep. They are busy pushing a destructive agenda.
    Of Fiat money for welfare & warfare.
    England like any nation before the din of globalists big gov't collectivist party tripe.
    Can return to hard money, free-fair Int'l trade with economies-of-scale. But first like in Canada they need to halt immigration. Open the education system to competition stop gov't subsidy of education and high tuition fees.
    Let the British run England not globalist BANKSTERS.

  2. I think this Knowles fellow needs to get himself a reality check...Here in Australia, although China's cheep labour and artificially low currency has made some jobs redundant, other opportunities have arose out of the change in markerts. Also, there are some manually intensive jobs that just can't be exported.

  3. "other opportunities have arose out of the change in markerts"!

    Other opportunities have arisen mainly because Australia has had a the biggest monetary expansion of all time, with private debt now at unsustainable levels. Debt has fueled Australia's housing bubble, and the housing bubble created many unsustainable jobs. The bubble is now bursting and Australia's unemployment rate is now on the rise.

    But outsourcing of manufacturing and service jobs has been less of a problem for Australia and other resource economies, e.g., Canada, because Asia's industrial expansion has created demand in the resource industries.

    Job outsourcing has far more damaging effects on the workforce of countries such as the UK and the US, which in the past have owed their economic strength very largely to manufacturing.

    But if China and the rest of Asia goes into recession, watch out down there in Oz.


  4. "But first like in Canada they need to halt immigration."

    In theory, Canada's immigration process is supposed to insure that immigrants benefit the Canadian economy. With plenty of space to occupy and a growing resource industry to provide employment, the theory could be correct.

    Also, there seems to be tight control in Canada to prevent mass illegal immigration such as they have in the US and Britain -- Canadians, being immigrants or the descendants of immigrants (other than First Nations, obviously) who received no special favors on arrival, tend to resist queue jumpers and immigration special pleaders.