Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exporting Democracy

By CanSpeccy

The God Obama?
Exporting democracy is something many American presidents have been keen to do. Woodrow Wilson, who campaigned for election on the promise of peace but who, on election, went to war with Germany, thereby extending World War One by two years to achieve a German surrender instead of a negotiated peace and achieving the Russian Revolution as a bonus, is among the great names in American democratic philanthropism.

Almost single-handedly Wilson created the League of Useless Nations, which did nothing whatever to prevent World War Two, but generated much rhetorical humbug, which is certainly the essence of American democracy.

But Barak H. Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has started more wars than any other American, will surely be judged, as he judges himself, as one of the great American leaders when it comes to delivering America's democracy to other countries whether they want it or not.

This drive to export America's democracy to the World at whatever cost to the recipients, though undoubtedly admirably, has a downside, which is the creation of a shortage of democracy at home.

A glimpse at America's current democratic deficit was provided by Obama's recent boast that he can have any American killed, anywhere, anytime.

Perhaps Americans will be prompted by this to rename their chief executive. That Obama seems less American Presidential than Pharaohonically despotic, suggests the title, simple yet both descriptive and reverential of The God Obama.

But delivering democracy by force or subversion can generate push back and according to Iran's highly unreliable Press TV quoting Israel's highly unreliable DEBKAfile military intelligence website, Iranian cyberwarfare agents broke into the CIA's drone control center in Langley, Virginia and hijacked America's newest stealth drone, which had been sent to spy on Iran. According to the report:
Iranians not only unlocked the Sentinel's secret software but also penetrated the command and control center running the drones from CIA Headquarters at Langley in McClean, Virginia.
Now if the Iranians can do that, then how difficult would it be for them to reprogram a drone intended to zap an obnoxious troublemaker and fly it through the Oval Office window?

Personally, I rather doubt that the Iranians could do that. But, with Russian or Chinese help, who knows?

Another regrettable consequence of trashing the culture and traditions that made you great is that you finish up less great. Hear Oxford/Columbia/Harvard/Stanford Prof. Niall Ferguson explain why China's economic rise is not the problem, but America's decline as a free society:

Meantime, the Europeans, in league with America to spread democracy to the World, are working overtime to use the debt crisis as a lever to force the creation of a democracy-free European Union that looks very much like a Western recreation of the Soviet Union, complete with a privileged nomenklatura, a crumbling economy and an impoverished proletariat.

Yet out of weakness may yet come strength. Whether Barak Obama is the worst President ever, as Bill Clinton is supposed to have informed him, many Americans are beginning to sense something is wrong with the course on which ship of state is headed. What's more, they seem to have considerable reservation about the main contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination, which could mean that this is Ron Paul's moment.

If elected, Paul might not prove the greatest US President ever, but he knows how to say no, and would probably say no to enough spending, enough new military adventures, and enough new measures aimed at humiliating and intimidating the American people that he'd rank pretty high overall.

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