Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recognition at last -- sort of

Only a blogger with the modesty of a saint can refrain from looking, at least occasionally, at his or her usage stats.

A harmless vanity it might be thought, but in reality a dangerously corrupting one. If revelations about the occult practices of the elite out-poll earnest writings about globalization and unemployment in Windsor, Ontario, the natural inclination will be to delve deeper into the mysteries of Skull and Bones or the Kabbalah and to attend a little less to the difficulties of the economically disadvantaged.

 Likewise, if the semi-naked Angelina pulls 'em in, why not follow the lead of Pornographer Poop Murdoch and turn your blog into a really profitable pictorial venture.

But before stooping to that, we rather pathetically indulged our vanity by doing a google search for the first sentence of our piece: The New American World Order: How It Works.

Astonishingly, it came up all over the place, including:

poorrichards blog, with a link back to Canspeccy -- which was very polite -- plus a couple of comments at last count, including one, it must be admitted, by ourself., with a link back, not to CanSpeccy, but to poorrichards blog!

Sheesh, when I was a publisher, we worried about copyright violation. Now I'm worrying about identity annihilation. But it was good to see that Sodahead followers had expressed 44 "opinions" as of this AM., including "rats", "locusts" and "scumbags," all views with which I fully concur.

Google Groups, Alt.politics reproduces the piece with the seemingly mandatory link back to PoorRichards blog. But their post induced this remarkable comment:
Yeah but the HIB36 differential would overcapacite the generic intrinsic value of the isomorphic face of the exothermically facilitation palate vastly recharging the meromorphic synthesis!

If we could hypothesize the external equivalent to a non-mestasynthetic principled lower ergonomically biased outstripped metaphysically dominant exterior, the pseunomically result could be achieved!!!

Think about it!!
Wow, thinking about that hurts. But metapseudonomically, it must be true that the generic intrinsic value of the isomorphic face is exothermically facilitated -- It says so in the Star Ship Enterprise operating manual for the dilithium crystal regeneration module.

Liquida also attributes our masterpiece to poorrichards blog.

It's even discussed, sort of, at WhatReallyHappened, with, now as I am compelled to expect, a link back to PoorRichards blog.


But I love this. Here it is. My post translated into Russian!And with comments like, according to Google Translate:
The communism beat Chorus presence? Plen's absurd, Kadafi e beat spike pichovete media presence. In Syria Search string Horatio yes protestirat and nyakak si ce ozovavat zastrelyani, Sigourney goods for Teb pack e absurd pretext, cutting nyakvi there neka B w grmyat. Izobscho otkde nakde integer reaching tazi idea for imerializm?
LOL, or "Plen's absurd," as they say in Russian!

Oops! No it's not Russian, it's Bulgarian. The correct translation should be:
As for flat brains are once more divide the world of capitalists and communists? The facts are clear - the U.S. aggressors and will get his. As happened with the Soviet Union. As happened with Austria-Hungarian Empire. And so it goes back in history ... And to tell you, one of the biggest successes of these where they cut these global plans is that succeeded instilled in people's minds the idea of ​​"equality" in the name of which so much thunder and thunder. I think that from the moment the egg begins to divide, you become different. After all, all people are different in so many things ... Instead of trying to "oednakvim" a reasonable thing is to try to use its unique features to achieve the desired result. But Nooo, "equality for all" blah blah-blah-. Realize, people, the world needs most of all from a totally new, radical ideology, rather than chopleneto an old one, which for the past 100 years has proved to be absurd thousand times ... Enough of these democracies there, memokratsii, communism and tempodobni kretenii, they do not work. History proves it.
Well, nobody's going to disagree with that.

And ephemeral mention seems to have been made in a dozen other places.

Interesting. I'll hold off on the girly pics for now, and concentrate more on dissing the NWO.


  1. I love reading your stuff.. I posted this one at WRH.. Get ready.. for a flood..

  2. ", with a link back, not to CanSpeccy, but to poorrichards blog!"

    This sort of thing happens all the time, sadly.

    Ideally, there should always be a clear bold link back to the original.

    - Aangirfan