Monday, November 21, 2011

If 55kg of explosive were all it took to bring down this 17-story tower block ....

17- Story Glencairn Tower brought down with 55 kg of unnamed explosive

"This was the spectacular moment a 17-storey concrete tower block was blown to pieces - in a thundering controlled explosion," reports the Daily Mail.

"Glencairn Tower block [in Motherwell, Scotland] was reduced to 12,000 tonnes of rubble by 55kg of explosives ..."

Is the Daily Mail trying to tell us something?

If it took only 55 kg of explosive to bring down a 17-story tower block, would it have taken much more than a couple of hundred kilograms to bring down each of the Twin Towers? And if not, how difficult would it have been for saboteurs dressed as elevator maintenance staff to prep the towers for a controlled demo. without prompting suspicion?

As with the Twin Towers, the video shows there were explosions both at the base of the building and near the top, the entire structure coming down in free fall.


  1. You may want to check the difference between 55lbs - which you report - and 55kgs - reported by the Daily Mail. A factor of 2.205 is involved IIRC - not in your favor.

  2. Thanks for the correction, which has been made.

  3. How about the caption under the picture? Can it be corrected to kgs as well?