Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fox Nation: "American Nazi Party backs Occupy Wall St." LOL

"American Nazi Party declares full support for Occupy Wall Street protests"
Announces the Fox Nation headline.
"There has certainly been no shortage of vile anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protests."
Fox  continues, before quoting some racialist rubbish from an unidentified source as proof.

One's first reaction may be to say, fuck off. Do they think we don't know who the real Nazis are?

But more to the point, is to observe that the Occupy Wall St movement must really be getting under some peoples' skin, for the American Nazi Party appears to be a wholly Jewish owned operation whose function is to hold up the Nazi scarecrow and terrorize anyone who might say anything critical of Israel, prominent Jewish Americans, bankers in particular, or the Jews-first mentality of some American Jews.

Like the Canadian branch, the post-war American Nazi Party seems to have depended largely if not entirely on the leadership of Jews. Frank Collins, aka Frank Cohen, for example, and Davis Wolfgang Hawke, aka Andrew Britt Greenbaum.

Who uses the Nazi specter to shape opinion in Europe?

In Europe, the Nazi brand may be exclusively employed by the intelligence services. In Germany, it was MI6 who set up a post-war Nazi party. 

In the UK, the British National Party, which is home to various old Nazis, looks very much like an intel op designed to discredit reasonable policies such as bringing the troops home, taking Britain out of the EU, devolving power to regional governments, ending mass immigration to what is among the World's most crowded countries, and developing an industrial policy to protect British jobs and maintain Britain's industrial capability.

Thus, for example, during the 2010 election, Nick Griffin, the BNP leader appeared to do everything possible to insure electoral failure including, moronically featuring a jar of Marmite in a nationally television broadcast, claiming to have been threatened with death by his own PR chief, and, after bloodying the face of a Times reporter, boasting that the incident proved the party "has not gone soft."

Then there was that lone nut Norwegian gunman, Anders Breivik who managed to identify himself with the Nazis and the Zionists at the same time, while condemning the politically correct teachings of the Jewish Frankfurt school.

A bit confusing, that one, although since the police were running an exercise involving an act of terrorism by a lone nut gunman at the exact time that the lone nut Anders Breivik was gunning down teenagers on Utoya Island, it seems a safe bet that the Breivik atrocity was an operation of one of the Western intel agencies.

Certainly it wasn't an agency of Iran or one of the other countries on the US/NATO hit list or they'd have been nuked by now.


  1. "Swedish gunman, Anders Breivik " wrong! wrong!
    "Norwegian gunman, Anders Breivik "

  2. Oops! My mind must have been wandering. Thanks for the correction.