Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How liberals learned to love genocide

Reflecting on the evolution of white liberalism, Jew Among You quotes Upton Close, author of The Revolt of Asia (1927) on the nature of white racism:
Added to the primitive dread of the stranger: the feeling that we do not like them because we do not know them and we will not know them because we do not like them, there seem to be four cultural elements,
these cultural elements being pride of culture, of religion, of superior organizational efficiency and of achievements in science.

Since 1927, much has changed. Within the Euro-American world, few can claim to be unacquainted with people of other races. What's more, most admit to liking them well enough. Asian girls are pretty, Asian males are smart, hard-working and loyal. Africans males may be prone to violence, but evidently they have an attraction for white women. And many African women take menial minimum-wage jobs that have little appeal for whites.

Pride of culture is not an issue when "the culture" means pop entertainment, and when the study of Western civilization, its literature, history and philosophy, is considered by liberal opinion tantamount to racism.

Pride of religion is difficult to maintain when Oxford professors openly broadcast their contempt for Christianity, and when the media insure that the Catholic Church is identified in the public mind with little other than paedophilia.

Pride in superior organizational efficiency is unsustainable in the wake of the collapse of virtually the entire US financial industry, the simultaneous bankruptcy of Chrysler and General Motors, and the inability of the United States and Nato combined to crush the Taliban, a third-world rag-tag army of religious fanatics, after ten years of bombardment with almost every weapon in the Western arsenal.

Europeans can take pride in the scientific achievements of their race, but such pride is no basis for a sense of innate superiority. The Chinese can do math, the Indians have a space program, and the Iranians can build nukes -- so they say.

Understandably, therefore, the average white person, under a barrage of "anti-racist" propaganda and subject to laws of political correctness that privilege immigrants and minorities at the expense of the declining and demoralized majority, applaud racial diversity.

There is, however, one thing about this that is utterly illogical. Those who promote "diversity," insist also on integration, which means the elimination of diversity and the creation of a new mongrel race. True, a uniformly pigmented, Euro-American race will not emerge for several generations. But several generations is but an instant in evolutionary or even historical time.

Thus, what the advocates of diversity are promoting is the exact opposite of diversity: it is the destruction of diversity through homogenization. A policy of the most doubtful wisdom, with profound consequences that have never been publicly discussed and of which few advocates of "diversity" have the slightest inkling.

For example, one consequence of the Liberal "diversity" agenda is that the British race, a largely Celtic people that has existed throughout the nine thousand years since the end of the last ice age, will cease to exist within a generation. There will be no going back. Miscegenation is easy, but entropy only increases. Likewise, the other ancient nations of Europe, the Italians, the French, the Dutch the Poles and many others will be gone before this century's end. And with them will be gone the Christian tradition and the Western civilization to which Christendom gave rise.

Already a majority of children in many urban areas of Britain are born to foreign-born mothers. Already some cities have a majority of foreign born inhabitants. As the majority British-born population ages, it will be progressively replaced by the more fertile and expanding immigrant population, although whether there will then emerge a new, homogeneous mongrel race, or a community of racially, culturally and religiously divided communities, remains to be seen.

The Pavlovian liberal response is to hoot racism at those who oppose this genocide. But there is no racism in seeking to preserve diversity, nor any presumption of racial superiority in seeking to protect the British, or any other race from destruction.

As an expatatriate, I am struck on visiting England, by what a strange lot the Brits really are: often ill-educated, ill-spoken and ill-mannered; less attractive, it sometimes seems, than the immigrants among whom they are compelled to live and by whom they are often economically marginalized.

But they are unique. They are the descendants of people who hunted and gathered on those British shores nine thousand years ago. If they are often crass and ignorant, they are also capable of genius. As the Asian nations resume their dominant position in the World, they it will be who, increasingly, produce the World's leading innovators, artists and geniuses of science, engineering and social organization. But the Brits, so long as they survive as a distinct people, will always possess those divine gifts that produced a Shakespeare, a Newton, a Darwin, a Clerk Maxwell, and a Turing.

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