Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Breivik Atrocity: Update July 25, 2011

The Norway Terrorist Attack: "News without Facts" Global Research
[Includes what is being purported as Breivik's farewell video, posted before the downtown bomb went off.]
Jens Breivik, father of the killer Telegraph
Britons linked to Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik Telegraph
Norway: "We will not be Naive" - A Watershed Moment Wake Up From Your Slumber
From liberal roots to extreme massacre FT
Unraveling Anders Behring Breivik American Everyman
A lone gunman narrative that has it all... StefZ
Norway atrocity sets back conservative interests many years Jew Among You

And here comes the attack on Conservative values, right on cue:
Linking the Norway atrocity to opponents of mass Muslim immigration The Slog

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