Sunday, July 31, 2011


I do not believe that the US government, or any of its agencies, were responsible for 9/11. It would just need too many people to be involved. Someone would have objected. There are some strange and dangerous people in America, but not in sufficient concentration for this one. They couldn't even keep Watergate quiet ... Craig Murray
Newton's Cradle: Image source.

For a 9/11 inside job, too many people would have been needed, Murray, says. Well, how many people does he think were needed? The official conspiracy theory says 19. The US intelligence agencies have $55 billion a year in overt funding plus whatever they make on drugs and other operations. Does Murray think these folks can bring down foreign governments but they don't have 19 people to bring down an office building?

As for "someone would have objected," that sounds like a good way for someone to get themselves killed. Maybe something Dr. David Kelly should have thought about before telling the world that Tony Blair's Iraq dossier had been "sexed up."

WTC Twin Tower, core column: Image source.

Then Murray has the notion that the Twin Towers couldn't have been bolted together properly. Except they happened to be the tallest buildings in the World when they went up. You think they were put up by a bunch of amateurs without supervision or proper architectural drawings?

Anyhow, it contradicts Newton's law of the conservation of momentum for the towers to have pancaked at free fall speed (and here). And Here's a competent mathematical analysis confirming that the roofline of WTC 7 fell faster than can be explained without invoking explosives to clear the path of descent.

But let's just believe it: a bunch of incompetent Arab pilots without moral conviction, armed only with box cutters, were able to outwit a trillion-dollar air defense system - and no one at the Pentagon had to resign.

Watergate burglars: Image source.

As for Murrays's claim "They couldn't even keep Watergate quiet ", how could they have kept it quiet after security had apprehended the burglars? When your guys are in the nick there's no way of keeping it quiet.

And at that, I think I should leave the subject of 9/11.

I created the Canadian Spectator 2003 as a protest at the lies that launched the Iraq war, including the lies about 9/11. The war has now expanded to many countries. No protest will stop it: only American victory or defeat. Obama has decreed that 9/11 be believed, and believed it will be. Some are ignorant, some are foolish and persuaded by nonsense, some find it in their interest to fall in line. In future, I will save my breath.

From the Canadian Spectator, February 4, 2010. Revised July 31, 2011.


  1. Just because Craig Murray is an idiot doesn't mean you have to save your breath.

  2. Sadly, Craig Murray cannot be dismissed as an idiot, any more than can most of those professors and public servants who will not jeopardize their economic interest and social status by speaking the truth about 9/11.

  3. I suppose you're right. I was trying to be generous to Craig Murray, calling him an idiot rather than saying he is willingly complicit in mass murder for fun and profit.

    But as you point out, I have no reason to be generous at all on this point. So let me rephrase:

    Just because Craig Murray is a liar (and willingly complicit in mass murder for fun and profit), doesn't mean you shouldn't do your best to tell the truth, imho.

    BTW I think all the liars are idiots. It is impossible to measure the harm they do to themselves (as well as to others) by spreading the lies the way they do.

  4. "It is impossible to measure the harm they do to themselves (as well as to others) by spreading the lies the way they do. "

    The blatant lies of the ruling elite have effectively destroyed belief in democracy as a legitimate system of government in the eyes of many of the more thoughtful members of the population.

    The probability is, though, that the elite have long since abandoned any belief in democracy and are preparing now to suppress dissent, and in particular, they are considering now how to deal with dissident members of the educated middle class.

    In general, tyrannies simply destroy the middle class. I was told by an emigré that when the Soviet army invaded Poland in 1939, civilians were required to show their hands, palms uppermost. Those with clean uncallused hands were shot.

    Likewise the Chinese nationalists on occupying Taiwan rounded up and executed "scholars, lawyers, doctors, students and local leaders of the protest movement. In total between 18,000 and 28,000 people were murdered. Thousands of others were arrested and imprisoned in the "White Terror" campaign which took place in the following decade. Many of these remained imprisoned until the early 1980s" (source).

    Preparation for such measures seems to provide a better explanation for Homeland Security and the FEMA camps than any other that I have come across.

  5. I suppose we are ruled by criminals and quislings.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Yes. Mass democracy has proved to be a useful tool in the hands of tyrants.

      The stupids can be brought to believe anything, and their votes negate the influence of those competent to judge what is actually happening.

    2. All they need is a complicit media, which they have, and a dumb, distractable populace to play to, which they also have.