Saturday, June 4, 2011

See This Blog in Dynamic View!

"Dynamic View" provides a different way of viewing this blog. You just need to add /view after the blog address thus:

Or here's another way of looking at it: -- just view the pictures?

Or there's this:

For other options see the drop down menu at the top right in Dynamic View.

In the default mode, Dynamic View provides a complete list of earlier posts in a left-hand side bar, which gave me the solipsistic pleasure of reviewing old posts I'd forgotten all about. Here's a good one: Amazing But True.

Rather oddly, it lists comments in reverse order, i.e., the most recent first, meaning you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and read from bottom to top in order to read comments in their original time sequence.

Well as long as we don't have to read from right to left I can live with the arrangement.

But what doesn't work is the search function.

Weird. It worked the day before yesterday. Apparently it's not some kind of Google censorship, since everything comes up in a regular Google search.

Can anyone suggest why it doesn't work? Well probably not. Here's an amusing comment on a help page:

There is no ETA in sight.

Its been marked as fixed when it is obviously not. Its been broken since July 09. Apparently Google has trouble with making search engines.

You are better off using Bing:
 Guess, I need to switch to Bing, although the widget at the link above doesn't seem to work. Strangely, the search in Dynamic View works fine!!

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