Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craig Murray Catches Up With Reality

Craig Murray has a well stated indictment of Britain's farcical alleged democratic form of government:

After the most intense bombardment of Tripoli yet, we are now deploying ground attack helicopters to intensify the fighting in Libya. Whether all this is really going to achieve the illegal objective of regime change is open to question. What is in no doubt is that it is killing people, and it is very expensive. In April 2011, UK net public sector borrowing exceeded £10 billion for the month – compared to £7.2 billion in April 2010 and a forecast of £6.5 billion. We are closing libraries and care for the disabled. Yet we still squander billions on neo-imperial folly.

The problem is that there is no opposition. The British political system has become an uncomplicated instrument of power for a united neo-conservative class. The Liberal Democrats have been neutered by Clegg and New Labour still seeks to attack from the populist right. Our established political system is not fit for purpose – it no longer provides a forum for the airing of views very widely held by disparate groups in society, and for the fair and agreed resolution of courses of action. ...

It is good to see that Craig Murray has finally realized that what the great majority of the British public wants is precisely the British National Party (BNP) agenda: Out of Europe, out of NATO, out of Afghanistan, out of Libya, and an end to mass immigration which even the Labor Government’s own research demonstrated was harmful to the interests of British workers (on this, Murray supports the Corporate interest, not the popular view), an end to off-shoring of jobs and a national industrial policy that will rebuild British industry and restore British technical and engineering competence.

Unfortunately, Craig Murray has no suggestion as to how Britain's pseudodemocratic system of government might be transformed into a process that reflects the interests of the British people. What’s needed is to remove the malign influence of that Cambridge-trained, Masonic clown, Nick Griffin (an MI6 operative, surely) whose function as leader of the BNP is to associate every populist policy with thuggish, fascistic, racist antics so that the public dare not express their support either for the party or, more importantly, the policies that that party pretends to espouse.

How a populist program of government could be instituted in Britain is not easy to see. For one of the mainstream parties to adopt the nationalist agenda would make sense, except that the credibility of the mainstream parties is probably lower than Nick Griffin's. At least the public think Nick Griffin would actually do what he promises, dreadful though Griffin's antics and the media portrayal of the BNP make that seem. But no one believes that any of the mainstream parties will do in office what they promise on the campaign trail.

The reason the mainstream parties lack credibility is that they are subservient to the monied interests that fund their campaigns and pay off the leaders for services rendered when those leaders leave office. A useful initiative, therefore, would be a campaign to make all corporate and foreign donations to political parties illegal, and to provide public funding for election campaigns. A quid or two for every vote gained in the previous election, would provide the means for every party to put out its message. And the BBC could be required to provide a non-stop political channel during the election campaign which would broadcast material provided by the contending parties, time to be allocated according to the number of votes received in the previous election. This measure against treason would be declared treason by the monied interests, and explains why Stephen Harper intends to eliminate all public funding of national elections in Canada.

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