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Banksters and the New World Order

By CanSpeccy

Cecil Rhodes
An Introduction To: None Dare Call It Conspiracy By Gary Allen and Larry Abraham

This book, said to have sold five million copies when published in 1972, is now available online, edited and nicely formatted by the Modern History Project.

The conspiracy to which the book's title alludes -- a purported plan to create a global socialist state controlled at the apex by international bankers -- appears to have little connection with reality, but no doubt, in its time, it served the right-wing Republican cause by promoting anti-Soviet paranoia and mobilizing opinion against the expansion of the American welfare state.

This political purpose detracts from what is otherwise an illuminating review of the role of a small Anglo-American elite, comprising both bankers and political figures associated with Cecil Rhodes' secret society and its public manifestations (the Round Table Groups throughout the British Empire, the Council on Foreign Relations in America, and internationally, since 1954, the Bilderberger group) in dictating the course of world events during the first two-thirds of the twentieth century.

In fact, the ruling class in both Britain and America had, for the most part, a visceral loathing for communists. That they nevertheless facilitated the Bolshevik revolution, thereby prolonging the First World War and bringing America into that conflict, was consistent with both the bankers' pursuit of profit and the drive of those inspired by Rhodes to bring about a World government.

By financing the revolutionaries, the bankers placed themselves in a position to deal profitably with the Communists thereafter, gaining access to Soviet oil and other resources and becoming intermediaries in the supply of western technology to the Soviet regime. It also placed them in a position, when the time was ripe, to promote the disintegration of the regime and to take advantage of the massive redistribution of wealth that occurred during the collapse.

By broadening and extending World War 1, the globalists hoped to create the conditions for a World Government. However, after the war, the United States Congress refused to ratify American participation in the League of Nations, the world body arising from the ashes of the global conflagration that was to serve as the precursor to a World government. Thus arose the need for a resumption of the conflict, as occurred in 1939.

Today, we see the full flowering of the globalists' plan for World Government as the US-backed, post-WW2 United Nations authorizes the subjugation of one nation after another by the NATO block.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy: Table of Contents

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