Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aangirfan: Democracy is toast

Is the USA a democracy?

Will Egypt become a democracy?

For 'democracy' to work, you need:

1. Well informed voters. 2. Civilised voters. 3. Honest leaders.

It's all about getting the 'good' people in charge of managing things; and keeping the 'bad' people out of power.

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  1. I've heard said:
    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting whats for dinner!!!

    Until recent ballet initiatives, I've never voted on anything directly. We live in a republic best I can tell so I am not sure why we push democracy.

    If we actually wanted a democracy we might use a system like corporations where directors vote generally but the stock holders via proxy voting can over rule any representative. This might put the lobbyist in check.

    This would require a computer system but if we just opened up every vote result to the public we could ensure they are counted correctly. People who do not what their vote public can use an alias.

  2. That's one solution to the problem of electronic vote verification, but if we want to retain the secret ballot, it seems necessary to stick with the traditional process of paper ballots publicly counted.

    The greatest problem with the Western pseudo-democracies, I believe, is the necessity governments face to persuade at least a large minority that government policies are right, which means endless lies and propaganda that, in turn, corrupt the media and turn education into indoctrination.

    To combat this, it is necessary for people to understand that inequalities in power, due to differences in wealth, position, knowledge, beauty, brains and experience are inevitable and are not eliminated by giving everyone the vote. Then we can focus on strengthening those aspects of the system of government that subject power to real checks and balances.