Friday, September 29, 2017

The Trouble With Christendom

Judaism, aka Pharisaical Talmudism, is, as explained in the article by the Saker (aka Andrei Raevsky) to which I posted a link yesterday, fundamentally tribalistic and racist. To an evolutionary biologist, such a religion is readily understood as an operating manual for group selective advantage. Thus as the Torah explicitly commands, Jews are to go forth and multiply and rule over the nations of the Earth.

In contrast, Christianity, the religion of the West, was the creation of Roman imperialism that sought to bind the nations of the world within a single political system. Christianity is thus anti-racist (hence the parable of the good Samaritan), meritocratic (hence the parable of the talents), and anti-tribal (hence the Christian misinterpretation of the Sermon on the Mount, which was addressed by a Jew to other Jews on how Jews should treat one another, but which, in the aid of empire, was broadened to include everyone, of whatever, color, race or creed, as potential enemies to be forgiven*).

In the transformation from a heretical Jewish sect to a religion for all humanity, Christianity promoted the emergence of a unified Western civilization that survived the fall of Rome. It was a civilization of great power because it allowed, to a greater degree than any earlier civilization, competition in the economic and intellectual realms and in the ordering of the social hierarchy. Christendom was, thus, not only the most meritocratic civilization that the World has ever seen but the most creative and productive.

The strengths of Christendom were, however, also its greatest potential weakness. Its openness and tolerance made it vulnerable to groups intent on collaborating among themselves to exploit their neighbors. In defense against this danger, Christianity retained as a key part of its Holy Scripture the entire Judaic program. Thus, while promoting tolerance, forgiveness of enemies, etc., the Christian Bible retained the hard-nosed Old Testament principles of the Torah Jews to be applied whenever required. Hence, Western imperialism and intolerance of Jews, Muslims and others who declined to adopt the imperial religion.

The post-Christian West has retained its openness, but not its means of self-defense. It is now open to any invading hoard, whether they be Zionist Jews intent on looting and pilling, or imperialistic Muslims intent on the conquest of Europe, not by the sword but by the womb. Thus we see a civilization in rapid disintegration, the people of the West under genocidal attack by their own governments, which have been bought or blackmailed by the globalist Money Power, and by invading hoards of settler Muslims.

Without a near immediate return to the intolerance of intolerance that characterized Christendom in its days of glory the West will die within a generation.

* This Tolstoyan interpretation invites Christians to embrace those who seek to destroy them: setter Muslims in Europe, for example, or Zionist Jews who expect Christian soldiers to undertake their wars for global empire. Mohandas Ghandi, best known for his doctrine of non-violent resistance, more rationally considered forgiveness of those who would destroy one, mere cowardice, and that the proper response to aggression was violent self-defense.

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