Friday, April 28, 2017

Syrian President Assad Deconstructs Trump

Speaking on the Latin American TeleSUR TV network  Syrian President Bashar Assad said that:
US president Donald Trump is not a truly independent political leader but merely a puppet of US corporations, military and intelligence, and who serves their interests.
Such an explicit "fuck you" to the President of the United States of Aggression is a clear indication that in the judgement of the Syrian Government and, presumably, their Russian allies, the United States has embarked on an irreversible regime-change policy for the sovereign nation state of Syria and that there is, therefore, nothing to be gained by diplomatic language.

Continuing the line that Trump is nothing but a fat-assed puppet of the US deep state, Assad said, according to the RT report, that Trump pursues:
 “no own policies” but only executes the decisions made by the “intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, the big arms manufacturers, oil companies, and financial institutions.
and has thus betrayed those who elected him:
As we have seen in the past few weeks, he changed his rhetoric completely and subjected himself to the terms of the deep American state...
 Assad also stated that it is:
a complete waste of time to make an assessment of the American president’s foreign policy” as “he might say something” but what he really does depends on “what these [US military and business] institutions dictate to him.”
 And added that this mode of operation “is not new”:
This is what characterizes American politicians: they lie on a daily basis... That’s why we shouldn’t believe what the Pentagon or any other American institution says because they say things which serve their policies, not things which reflect reality and the facts on the ground
 Assad also said that the US seeks to establish and maintain a global hegemony by turning independent countries it into war zones:
The United States always seeks to control all the states of the world without exception. It does not accept allies, regardless of whether they are developed states as those in the Western bloc or other states of the world 
For the US, said Assad:
the end justifies the means, no values, no morals at all, anything could happen.

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