Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Virtues of of a Liberal

The Irish Savant has an excellent piece explaining how modern liberal-leftie-Democrats project themselves as brave anti-establishmentarians when they are, in fact, the upholders of a rigid and authoritarian establishment.

There's nothing brave these days, the Savant points out, in coming out as gay or in savaging the Church's mangy carcass. Fifty years ago it would have been. But back then the outspoken liberal of today would have been the head altar-boy ratting out the kids he saw smoking behind the shed.

The whole liberal Weltanschauung, the Savant points out, is a farrago of lies, hypocrisy and contradictions.

To wit, liberals:

Promote diversity yet the 'logic' of their race-mixing agenda means that all races will eventually merge into a coffee-coloured hybrid with all diversity lost;

They promote women's 'rights' (e.g., full-term abortions, no-fault divorce) while advocating mass Muslim immigration and defending misogynistic Islamic practices;

They promote 'free speech' while closing down non-conformist views through legislation and physical oppression;

They claim to stand for the working class but depress wages by promoting immigration of unskilled immigrants;

They claim to support the environment, yet regard attempts to limit the Third World's explosive population growth as Western Imperialism;

They claim to be generous and giving whereas numerous studies have shown conservatives contribute more to charity;

They want to remove guns from Whites living in dangerous neighbourhoods but think it's fine for celebrities and wealthy 'liberals' to be protected by armed guards;

They proclaim that everyone should be proud of his or her race, culture and sexual orientation. Unless you're a straight White male. In which case you're guilty of a hate crime;

And that's the whole point: that everything about them can be explained by their hostility to Whites, especially straight White men;

The best of 'liberals' are delusional fantasists, while the worst - the majority - are self-loathing virtue pimps, bullies and hypocrites who will eventually succumb to their self-annihilating ideologies.

Can't happen soon enough.

See the Irish Savant's page for comments. 

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