Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain's Immigrant Fifth Column Seek to Take London Out of England

Brexit blue versus the Scotch, the Irish and Londonistan.
Brexit backlash: In majority-Immigrant London the call is already going out for the capital to break away from the rest of Britain.

Time to round up the traitors and kick them out.

But weak Cameron will do nothing. In fact, if Cameron does anything, it will surely be to try and undo the consequences of the referendum.


Putin: The percentage of mandatory decisions made by the European Parliament is larger than that of mandatory decisions made by the High Council of the USSR concerning its member-republics

WaPo: US Cannot stem the tide of immigration: Immigrants already hold too much power

EU Pres.: We Want Britain Out Now

END OF THE EU? Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit

In the aftermath of the #brexit vote, Europhiles make clear their contempt for democracy

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