Thursday, May 19, 2016

Twelve Reasons Brits Won't Brexit. Or How Great Nations Die

If Britain left the EU, it would:
David Camoron, Leading cancer scientist
1. "Put cancer research at risk" claim leading scientists
2. Crash the property market, Landlords say
3. "Make ISIS happy," David Camoron says 
4. Resurrect Adolf Hitler and lead  to WWIII and pesky V2 rockets once again raining down on London,  David Camoron says  (Though why Brits care about London is hard to see, since there's only foreigners there now.)
5. Allow Vladimir Putin and his bud Kim Jong Un-Hinged to rule the World, David Camoron says  
6. Turn the whole of Southern England into a jungle camp for Syrian refugees, David Camoron says 
Camoron's finance minister, George, Yer-
all-gonna-starve-if-you-vote-Brexit, Osborne
Image source
7. Cost every British household four thousand, three hundred quid, and threepence halfpenny, David Camoron says 
8. Make nearly everyone immediately redundant, David Camoron says 
9. Allow mad scientists at CERN to create a black hole that will swallow the entire planet before Christmas, contrary to CERN's lying PR office
10. Cause an immediate and catastrophic increase in global warming, Obarmy, say
11. Be a futile attempt to resurrect Britain's "obsolete" democratic, sovereign, nation state, Obarmy, say and anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist, white-supremacist, warmongering son-of-a-nigger-bashing slave owner, and what's worse, an opponent of corporate global governance, aka the TPIP, a trade deal so beneficial to humanity that no one is allowed to read the terms, not even the legislators who have to vote it in (but don't worry about them, their pockets are well stuffed. Plus they get free haircuts and gas.)
12. Be "separatism," Justin Trudeau says

(Which reminds me of the response of a bowler-hatted Londoner in a long ago man-in-the-street television news interview when asked about Canada: "Canada" he said, "Canada, who gives a damn about Canada."

Sadly Londoners are no longer English, no longer wear bowler hats, and no longer give a damn about England, but are all agog, apparently, to receive advice from Canada's pipsqueak premier and supplier of lethal arms to Nazis in Ukraine, and floggers and head choppers in the very undemocratic sovereign Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.)

And this just in. Mark Carney, Britain's Canadian central bank governor warns Brexit could result in interest rates going up, or for God's sake, down. Wow, so they'll be screwed either way. LOL.

Plus this: EXCLUSIVE: EU Remain says Brexit would result in asteroid collision with London

Crazy, isn't it?

Undefeated in 950 years, the creators of the modern world, wildly enthusiastic about Rule Britannia, Thomson's glorious anthem to British independence (set to the music of Thomas Arne in 1740), what the majority of Brits will vote for in the referendum, is to be Euro-Peons, their Parliament made redundant by an unelected council in Strasbourg about which nine tenths of the British population are entirely unaware, their freedom of speech increasingly restricted by an undemocratic European Union that cannot secure its own borders and which takes its foreign policy direction from the United States, contrary to its own security and economic interests.

Next thing, the poor brainwashed residue of a great nation will be pleading for sharia law.


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