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Liberal Humbug On Human Racial Differentiation

Previously, I explained the liberal position on the question of race, thus:
First nation Canadian. Image source 
Liberals and other agents of the New World Order, like hard-line Communists, are revolutionaries who seek to establish a system of global governance. The difference between the two is that the globalization aimed at by liberals will subordinate all humanity to the moneyed elite, the bankers, the billionaires and the chiefs of the giant corporations, whereas Communist revolution aims to serve the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, which is to say the Nomenclatura* for whom tyranny means thousands of comfy bureaucratic jobs with lots of power and privilege.

Innuit girl and pup. Image source.
To both classes of revolutionary, the great obstacle to their dream is the nation state that declares the right of the people in any geographic area with the means to defend themselves to rule themselves as they see fit, which means maintaining control of the borders to prevent occupation of the territory by invaders or an uncontrolled flow of immigrants, and the preservation of the religious and cultural tradition of the people.

To the revolutionaries, there is a simple solution to the problem of the nation state and the desire of the vast majority of the people of the world to live among their own kind in accordance with their traditional manners, morals and forms of governance. It is to insist that there is no such thing as the nation, that all humanity is one race, and that it is simply bunk to claim that the English, say, have a privileged status in England,
Chinese. Image source
or that the Amerindians of Canada have legal and moral rights to control over their traditional lands and the freedom to live on those lands according to their own beliefs and traditions.
Since the racial differentiation of humanity is obvious for all to see, and its denial is as idiotic as the denial of the naked emperor's nakedness by the sycophantic courtiers, the issue of race is a cause of embarrassment to every liberal. This is evident over at the Unz Review where the Saker tells us:
I don’t even believe that the concept of “race” has been properly defined and, hence, that it has any objective meaning. I therefore don’t differentiate between human beings on the basis of an undefined criterion.
Mbuti forest dwellers of the Congo. Image source
Suuuure. And the Saker cannot tell the difference between a Chinese and a Australian aboriginal, or between an Eskimo and a Sephardic Jew, or between a San bushman and a pigmy.

But then Steve Sailer, who also appears over at the Unz Review, opened a recent post thus:
One of the weirder contradictions of contemporary dogma is the belief that race does not exist combined with the government’s obsession with counting everybody by self-identified race. If race doesn’t exist, you’d think that, say, the Obama Administration would be under a lot of pressure from its supporters to dump the racial/ethnic classification system. Strangely enough, it never seems to occur to all the True Believers to ask their friends running the federal government to change the system.
San boy and girl. Image source
The reason for the weirdness Sailer does not explicitly address, although his article provides conclusive government-supplied genetic evidence, if that were needed, to confirm the reality of human racial diversity.

What is obvious, however, is that the US Government uses information on the racial composition of the population in ways that serve to destroy the dominant position of the European population of America. This it does by means of affirmative action, forced integration, political correctness, Roe versus Wade, immigration law enforcement, or rather non-enforcement, criminalization of acts of conscence in accordance with Christian belief, white shaming, black history, and other measures to disadvantage certain races, particularly the Europeans, relative to others. 

Thus, we have the answer to the conundrum Sailer raised. The US and its European subordinate states need information on the racial diversity of their populations in order to destroy it. The goal is full racial mongrelization. Or as former French President and future Presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has already instructed the fast dying European population of France. "M√©tissage: it is an obligation," 

Indigenous Australian. Image source
So that's why liberals continue to deny the reality of race, for otherwise, as I stated in an apparently censored comment on Sailer's Unz Review post:
... mass immigration of philoprogenitive non-Europeans to European countries with indigenous populations with a far-below replacement fertility would have to be acknowledged for what it is: genocide.

And there is nothing surprising about liberals denying the reality of race while decrying those who oppose the genocide of the European peoples as racist, since nonsensical hate speech is the basic coin of liberal debate.

English. Image source
Europeans who oppose the destruction of their own race and culture need to realize that today’s liberal is either a self-hating European or a settler immigrant. In either case, they are, morally, the Nazis of the present era.
* The Nomenclatura of the Soviet Union was a class of bureaucrats that could be hired or fired only at the will of Communist Party. Positions held by members of the Nomenclatura were thus political appointments requiring not competence or integrity, but only grovelling subservience to the political elite. The Nomenclatura is thus an appropriate label for the top tier of Western bureaucrats such as university presidents (e.g., Michael Arthur, Provost of University College London), school principals, healthcare system managers, etc.


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