Thursday, February 11, 2016

European Genocide: The Final Phase

The Iris Savant wonders whether the flood of millions of Middle-Eastern and Asian Muslim refugees now pouring into Europe has not been instigated as a pretext for a radical reorganization of the European Union, involving creation of a unified military command and a European treasury to dictate a continent-wide monetary and fiscal policy.

This could well be true, but the refugee invasion serves not only to provide a pretext for radical political reorganization in Europe, but also to undermine the indigenous populations as the dominant groups within the Union, thereby creating a voting majority against a return to a Europe of nation states. Already the EU-wide immigrant population outnumbers the indigenous population of any single European nation, thereby giving a democratic edge to those of alien origin, race and religion.

Furthermore, a rapid upsurge in immigration seems a necessity if the program for the destruction of the European people's is to be assured of success. Already Britain verges on departure from the EU, an impetus driven by opposition to the EU's open borders policy. Evidently Europe's oppressed, indigenous lumpen proletariat is beginning to geddit.  They may not know the exact meaning of the word genocide, but they know they've being targeted for oppression and ultimate elimination.

So with the natives restless, what to do?

No prob. Bomb the shit out of whoever, to use the language of America's leading candidate to succeed President O'Bomber, and bring in the Muslim refugees. Then all that needs be done is plug the alien invaders into the welfare state and just watch as they multiply like maggots on a festering corpse.

Game over.

Democracy triumphs over whatever the "racist", "xenophobic," "far-right-wing extremist," Guardian-despised rump "nativist" population may think, say, or do.

The European peoples are soon be the oppressed minority, while Parliaments come to be dominated by representatives of the new European Islamic State. Perhaps those disaffected Brits, Krauts and Frogs who dislike this prospect should join forces with America's Red Indians and Australia's aborigines: a confederation of moribund, and a memorial to lost human diversity.



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    1. The leadership of the Bolshevik revolution was mainly Jewish, although neither Lenin nor Stalin were Jewish (Lenin had a Jewish grandfather which may have influenced his thinking but did not make him a Jew). Moreover, the enforcement arm of the Bolshevik government, the Cheka, was mainly recruited among Jews and Poles, neither of whom had much love for Russians, Christian or otherwise.

      However, massacres of peasants by the Bolshevik government was chiefly motivated by the fact that the peasants, having just disposessed the landlords, had joined the class of landowning capitalists, and were thus hated class enemies of the proletariat, i.e., the industrial working class in whose name the revolution was undertaken. It was therefore entirely natural for the Bolsheviks, i.e., a bunch of psychopathic Commies, to beat up the peasants and steal their grain.