Thursday, February 18, 2016

Aangirfan, aka Aanirfan, Is a Fraudster

Aangirfan makes a big thing about exposing paedophiles. Here, in a recent post, are a couple of pictures with Aangirfan's original caption, or absence of caption:

Aangirfan's caption: Trump, the friend of Jeffrey Epstein.

Note: Since this was posted, Aangirfan has changed his caption
to the above image. It is now says: "Trump and daughter" But there's
 no acknowledgement for the correction!

Jeffrey Epstein is a New York billionaire and convicted paedophile. The implication of Aangirfan's caption to the above image is, therefore, clear: Trump is into molesting little girls.

But what the picture actually shows is Ivanka Trump: my dad and me.

Here's another image from the same post:

Aangirfan provides no caption to this image (now deleted from Aangirfan's post, with no acknowledgement to Canspeccy! Oops! No. The image has been re positioned at the bottom of Aangirfan's post and a caption added: "Trump and son," which seems to rob the image of all point.), but from the caption to the picture of Donald Trump with his daughter, the implication is clear: here's Trump the kiddie fiddler with another potential victim.

 In fact, the image has been cropped by Aangirfan, presumably to support the false implication of an inappropriate relationship, from a family photo in the Daily Mail showing Trump, his wife, and youngest child, Barron.

Trump family photo as published by the Daily Mail, January 7, 2013.

You don't have to be a Trump supporter to despise this kind of garbage.

Whether Aangirfan was always a lying scumbag is not quite clear. A few months ago, Aangirfan changed his domain from to The change corresponded with a switch from mostly rather short posts, which however far-fetched, seemed to have some basis in fact and reason, to tediously long and incoherent posts that seem to serve no purpose except to smear someone or to spin fantastic and ridiculous conspiracy theories about almost everything, with the object, perhaps, of inculcating the idea that all conspiracy theories must be nonsense.

The case of Aangirfan, alias Aanirfan, provides a useful warning that the Internet is a source not of information, but of images and verbiage, which may or may not convey real information, and which have been placed at your disposal for reasons you know nothing about, but which may be intended greatly to your detriment.


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  1. Seems like he himself is a Gay.

  2. He is certainly obsessed with deviant sex, usually it seems, with the objective of smearing someone.

    At one time, Aangirfan's posts made some sort of sense, but now they amount to little more than a bunch of unconnected cut and paste that might have been created by a rather dim artificially intelligent robot.

    He's also totally intolerant of critical comment, to judge by the deletion of my comments in recent months.

    Amusingly, there were comments on the Aangirfan post to which I linked above, which were supportive of Aangirfan and contemptuous of CanSpeccy. But now these have been deleted, presumably because it dawned on Aang that such comments were directing traffic to my critique of his mendacious blog.

  3. I see that I was wrong in saying that comments about me have been deleted by Aangirfan. They are there, but attached not to the post about Donald Trump on which I commented, but to the current post entitled: Obama: Mind-Controlled Male Prostitute?, Very odd.

  4. Would you not better invest your time in exposing the lies of governments and politicians instead of attacking truthseekers? That is unless you can clearly prove someone to be a disinformation agent. If i remember correctly the namechange corresponded with the taking off line by those who have the power do to so as has been done to many truthseeker sites. Paid trolls can even change the wording in blogs, Israel invests millions a year in that and i am sure there are many more countries doing so.

    1. You beg the question of who is a truthseeker. Merely claiming to be a truthseeker is no proof of either veracity or investigative competence. Aangirfan/Aanirfan has consistently deployed misleadingly captioned images of Trump and his children to suggest an inappropriate relationship in the total absence of evidence.

  5. Who is hiding behind this aan(g)irfan drivel? The St. Petersburg Troll Brigade?

    1. Dunno, but their latest piece derides Christianity, which I thought the Russians are seeking to revive.

      Since changing servers from Aangirfan to Aanirfan, Aangirfan has ceased to do any useful research (he/they exposed the BBC's Jimmy Saville long before the MSM, and made some effort to uncover details of Sandy Hook). But now they label every mass shooting a false flag with so little effort at justification that one suspects their aim is to promote thoughtless conspiracy theorism in order to discredit all conspiracy theories. My own bet, therefore, is that Aangirfan is an agent of the NWO.

  6. Aangirfan was co opted by my handler, DHS Monarch Practitioner Cynthia McKenzie who is heavily involved in online mind control programming.

    1. That's rather cryptic. Can you say more? Cynthia McKenzie is a common name. I see no one of that name on the Web who is identified as an agent of the US Department of Homeland Security. Can you tell us more about her, and about what you refer to as "DHS online mind control programming?"