Wednesday, July 1, 2015

EMBASSY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, OTTAWA: Canada's Anti-Russian Sanctions: Just Vote-Fishing by Harper

Canada has imposed new sanctions on Russia, chiefly it seems, because contrary to Mr. Harper's expressed wish, Mr. Putin (domestic approval rating: 89%) hasn't stepped down as Russia's President.
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The sanctions prompted a contemptuous response from the Russian Embassy in Ottawa (see facsimile at left), which described them as of a "purely domestic nature," motivated by "vote-fishing".

 In response to the new Canadian sanctions, Russia will develop further retaliatory economic measures against Canada and may also up the military pressure on Canada's Northern border, where, so the CBC reports, interception of Russian military probes is already imposing "a very severe strain for Canada’s modest fighter fleet of 77 F-18s, which has to cover extraordinary distances to provide full protection when Russians come snooping. It’s an expensive and draining effort."

On the economic front, the Russian response to Canadian sanctions have already cost Canadian farmers, fishermen and manufacturers hundreds of millions in lost exports of pork and other meats, seafood, milk and dairy products, fruit, vegetables and farm machinery, while Bombardier's $3.4 billion joint venture to assemble passenger aircraft in Russia is now on indefinite hold.

But if a few billion in lost sales sways enough Canadians of Ukrainian extraction to vote for the Tories, Stephen Harper will not doubt consider the price worth it. Heck, it's not costing Harper anything.

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