Saturday, November 8, 2014

Feminist Flakes

UK Labor MP, Harriet Harman and UK Liberal-Democratic Party leader Nick Clegg sporting forty-five-quid feminist T-shirts.
Here are the women in Mauritius who made the shirts. They earn sixty-two cents and hour and sleep 16 to a dorm. 

Not only does Ms. Harman, the woman on the left, seem to be a phony feminist quite happy enjoy the fruits of the sweated labor of her brown-skinned sisters in Mauritius, but she seems to have a contempt for civil rights in general having been closely affiliated with the National Council for Civil Liberties, an organization with scant regard for the welfare of children targeted by paedophiles.

Nicky Clogg, the woman on the right, also appears to have little regard for the welfare of children targeted by paedophiles, having rejected calls for an inquiry into reports of a Westminster "child sex ring."

Interestingly, despite their reported poverty, those Mauritian garment workers manage to look a lot better dressed than that pair of rich old women in T-shirts.


T-ShirtGate. The DailyMail UK exposes feminism for what it really is…a wealthy, white women, elitist, power club

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