Thursday, October 23, 2014

Senile Nazi Billionaire Calls for Third World War

George Soros, a Jew whose happiest days, by his own account, were spent betraying Jews of Budapest to the Nazis, has issued a call to arms by the people of Europe in defense of the US-installed Nazi-backed junta of Kiev and the war to dismember the Russian Federation.

G. Soros. Source
Nothing surely could better illustrates the catastrophic idiocy of American policy in Ukraine than that this senile billionaire, loathed and despised by all and sundry, has been wheeled out to make a direct appeal to the people of Europe to ramp up a third fracticidal war to promote the American goal of smashing Russia and expanding Nato to China's Western border.

Europe, says Soros, "is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence," a preposterous claim in the wake of the US-backed overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine by a Nazi junta intent on the genocide of ethnic Russians in South Eastern Ukraine of whom they managed to kill and maim many thousands while making refugees of hundreds of thousands more.

Soros provides no evidence of any actual Russian threat to European security because no such evidence exists. In fact, Soros says nothing whatever of interest about Ukraine, and offers merely a pathetic bleating reflecting the fact that Putin failed to to act like the "New Hitler," but merely took care of Russian interests without harm to any except the freaks and lunatics in Kiev and the Ukrainian forces sent on a criminal "punitive" mission against their own people.


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