Monday, March 31, 2014

European Genocide: Explained by a Diagram

How mass immigration and multi-culturalism is in the process of exterminating the British people. The process explained in one simple diagram:

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Image source: FSD

The image is not entirely accurate. In fact, the white British population is not constant but in rapid decline. London, for example, fifty years ago had a population of around eight million British people. Today London has the same population, most of them not of British descent, which means not only that the immigrant community is growing relative to the indigenous population but that the British people in London are headed for extinction. The same is true in most great British cities. Britons are now a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough and English children are not even the largest minority in elementary schools in Birmingham, England's second city.

It should also be noted that mass immigration to Britain is not confined to Muslims but includes people from the entire world including large numbers from Eastern Europe, such as this happy Rumanian family leading the good life at public expense.

Liberal anti-racists for the genocide of the European peoples find this kind of posting deeply unpleasant, which it must be for them, since it clearly identifies them in motivation with the mass murdering Nazis of the Hitler era. European liberals differ from the Nazis, it seems, only in hating themselves rather than competing groups — a very strange and deadly dangerous perversion of the human soul. Today, the stamping out of self-hating liberalism should be the first goal of every valid European political movement.


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