Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Libertarian Delusion

At a time when both Republicans and Democrats or Tories and Liberals are seen for what they have become, mere dupes or puppets of the money power fundamentally destructive of the public interest, many, especially of the young, find hope for the future in libertarianism, the ideology that propelled Ron Paul's remarkable independent run for the US Presidency.

Libertarians believe we
should all be free to profit
from, and enjoy the benefits
of, kiddie porn, the narcotics
trade, and child prostitution
without government interference.
But whatever may be the theoretical appeal of libertarianism, it will always remain just that, theoretical, for there never has been and never will be a libertarian country, which is to say a country without government where the only collective action is the result of spontaneous voluntary association among individuals.

In the absence of government, the strong and devious assert control over others, and the strongest and the most devious assert control over all other dominating elements by a judicious sharing of the spoils of power, thereby creating a more or less stable power structure or government.

Libertarian billionaires say that redistribution
of wealth via the tax system is immoral. LOL.
Libertarianism today is primarily a scheme devised by billionaires and their dupes and lackeys designed to slough off the welfare state and to destroy the last vestiges of democracy in the West by asserting that there is no need for any government at all. That is why libertarian Ron Paul derived his greatest campaign backing from Bilderberg steering committee member, Peter Thiel, a billionaire libertarian intent on destroying the nation state.

But the billionaire owners of the governments of the Western states won’t be quick to demobilize the military or disband the police who protect them from the disaffected unemployed or the great majority of the citizenry who oppose the genocide of their own people through mass immigration of cheap Third-World labor devoid of belief in, or knowledge of the Western tradition of freedom inspired by the Christian tradition.

In short, libertarianism is a route to plutocratic government, i.e., government for the money power, by the money power, of the money power.

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