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Fifth Date Set for Emma West's Trial for Hateful Truth Speech

Emma West, the English woman charged with "racially aggravated harassment" for remarks made while riding a Croydon tram, has received a fifth trial date, of April 9, 2013, sixteen months after her alleged offense and initial incarceration for politically incorrect speech.

The repeated postponements have been at the request of the prosecution, suggesting either uncertainty about how to proceed with a tricky case of truth as hate speech, or the hope that, through demoralization by delay, Emma West could be persuaded to plead guilty — always the desired outcome in a political trial, since it relieves the prosecution of the necessity of devising plausible grounds, or any, grounds for conviction.

the following notes refer to what the Daily Mail claimed to be a transcript (see below) of Emma West's "horrific" remarks, as videoed by another passenger:


1. In the Daily Mail transcript, the word fucking has, in a laughable pretense of modesty, been rendered as ****ing. I have not followed this affectation by the Daily Mail, a prime contender for the title of Britain's most prurient newspaper.

2. The Daily Mail omitted from the transcript comments by other passengers to which those of Emma West were, in part, a response.

3. The accuracy of the transcript is open to question. Statements that may have been mis-transcribed or incorrectly attributed to Emma West are in bold face, with corrections or interpolations sourced here in italics.

4. Many of Emma West's remarks are in response to comments by other passengers, which raises the possibility that she would not have spoken at all if not prompted to do so by an unrecorded comment or action of another passenger. Certainly, the statement that "I work" was in response to a black person's racist taunt "If we don't come here you don't want to work... go and work."

The Transcript
 What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of fucking Polish. 

A load of fucking, yeah… you’re all fucking do you know what I mean?
The italicized words are not spoken by Emma West at all, but by a nearby male, and he says: "Still to say our name." Emma was hesitating for the words to describe the immigrants. He meant, 'You have yet to say our name.' He was probably deliberately goading and tempting her to use a racial epithet. It could possibly be: "Y'gonna say our name?" or "Y'wanna say our name?" But it's definitely not Emma speaking, and "say our name" is definitely there.
‘You ain’t English. No, you ain’t English either. You ain’t English. None of you’s fucking English. Get back to your own fucking… do you know what sort out your own countries, don’t come and do mine.
This is incorrect in several instances. It's more like this:

"(---) (what)" So (work/riot) your own countries. Don't come and see mine."

The two paren'd words, the first unclear to me, are at 0:25 in this upload.

There is no way the first two questionable words are "do you know what." It' just two syllables. It sounds, to American ears, like "Jay wot" or "jai what." It could be "Say what." Opinions from those familiar with her accent, are invited. She clearly says "see mine," not "do mine.")
‘It’s nothing now. Britain is nothing now. Britain is fuck all. My Britain is fuck all.
(This is one of the most unfortunate errors that started circulating. Because when you know what she says you know more how she feels, what motivates her, that she has seen the riots and the problems brought by immigration. Emma clearly says:

"Britain is suffering now. Britain's f*** all. My Britain is f*** all now."

You can hear clearly the "s" and "r" of "suffering" in this video, the Emma West "Warlock Tribute". It's at 1:04, enhanced. With a bit of reverb and the right EQ "suffering" is clear.)

‘Yeah its fine. I have got a little kid here. Have respect? I have a little boy here. fuck you. I dare you, I fucking dare you.

‘Don’t watch my language.
('Don't watch my language."

She really says:

"I've watched my language.")

Go back to where you come from, go back to fucking Nicaragua or where ever you come from. Just fucking go back.

‘I work, I work, I work, this is my British country until we let you lot come over.
When the African says (not included in the Daily Mail transcript)

"If we don't come here you don't want to work... go and work"

Emma first responds:

"Eh really? I work! This is my British country."

Her wry "Eh, really" has been left out of the Daily Mail transcript.

Further, she does not say:

"Until they let your lot come over." It's definitely "they let" not "we let." 
No, someone's got to talk up for these lot.
(It's simply:

"No, somebody's got to talk up!"

The "somebody's" goes very fast but that's it. There is no "for these lot.")

Look the whole fucking tram, look at them. Who is black and who is white. 'There is all black and fucking burnt people.'
Many errors there. I have listened to this pandemonium many times. Most became very clear. Lengthy details here.

Emma West's recorded comments were made in part if not in their entirety, in response to comments by others on the tram, it is therefore difficult to see any moral or legal basis for prosecution on a charge of harassment.

The comment of the black lady who said "If we don't come here you don't want to work... go and work" appears to have been the only racist comment recorded, whereas Emma West's comments concerning the other occupants of the tram were purely factual, i.e., that they were "not English." This claim appears to have been correct if by English one means members of the indigenous population with roots in the British Isles going back thousands of years. (That  England is the homeland of the English, the only one they have, is an obvious reality that Britain's treasonous liberal-Con-Left elite refuse to acknowledge, calling racist all those who object to their own genocide.)

That Emma West was initially incarcerated "for her own protection," while the police did nothing as far as is known to prosecute those on Twitter and elsewhere on the Web who made criminal threats to rape or knife her, makes it clear that Emma West's trial is a political event, a show trial to enforce the rule of politically correct (i.e., undeviatingly supportive) speech on the question of mass immigration, and that she has been targeted precisely because what she said about the ethnic cleansing of the English in England's working class neighborhoods is the truth.

Already a quarter of births in Britain are to foreign born mothers. But mass immigration cannot be questioned without breach of the rules of political correctness. Political correctness is a polite term for the tyrannical denial of free speech. Political action, spoken or otherwise, to stem the tide of settlers from throughout the World who are occupying the European nation states is not a permitted option.

Genocide of the nation state for the sake of global governance is a fundamental, all-party principle of the British and EU government. Pointing out the crime of genocide must, therefore, itself be criminalized, which is easily enough done by calling it racism. That is to say, it is racist to oppose the destruction of one's own people, culture and national identity.

The children of Newham, England. Nice kids, no doubt,
but mostly they're not English and most likely they have
parents who don't speak English. Image source.
In London, and England's second city, Birmingham, the proportion of children born to foreign-born mothers is over 50%. In London, Leicester, Luton, the English are now a minority in their own home, and these cities will soon to be joined by Birmingham, Bradford and many others. In some urban areas, for example, the London borough of Newham the majority of the population cannot speak English.

Under the lightweight, Blair substitute, globalist puppet, David Cameron and his liberal stooges, the genocide of the English in the cause of global plutocratic rule is set to continue unabated.

And a Wise American, On the Destruction of America

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