Monday, February 11, 2013

If Sandy Hook Was a Hoax

The nature, organization and control of weapons is the most significant of the numerous factors that determines what happens in political life

Carroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope, p. 1,200

. . . We have democracy because around 1880 the distribution of weapons in this society was such that no minority could make a majority obey. If you have a society in which weapons are cheap, so that almost anyone can obtain them, and are easy to use — what I call amateur weapons — then you have democracy. But if the opposite is true, weapons extremely expensive and very difficult to use — the medieval knight, for example, with his castle, the supreme weapons of the year 1100 — in such a system, with expensive and difficult-to-use weapons, you could not possibly have majority rule. But in 1880 for $100 you could get the two best weapons in the world, a Winchester rifle and a Colt revolver; so almost anyone could buy them. With weapons like these in the hands of ordinary people, no minority could make the majority obey a despotic government.

Carroll Quigley: The Mythology of American Democracy
If the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax, then both the Connecticut State Police and the FBI, with whom Connecticut authorities are said to be coordinating a "massive investigation," must be complicit.

If the Feds are complicit, the Obama Administration, which has acted with such promptness to harness the emotional impact of the killings to Obama's anti-Second Amendment drive to disarm Americans must be complicit.

If the Obama Administration is complicit, then Obama is either, personally and directly complicit, or he is a puppet manipulated by hidden hands.

And if Obama is either directly complicit, or serving as a puppet under the control of a deep state, the government of the United States is without legitimacy.

And if the US Government is without legitimacy, the truth of Sandy Hook will never be officially acknowledged unless the US Government is overthrown and the likes of Clinton, Bush and Obama face a Nuremberg-style criminal court.

Which means, according to the logic of Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's Georgetown University History prof, that Americans who wish to live under a semblance of a democracy would be well advised to hang onto their guns.

Ten Facts That Suggest Sandy Hook Was a Hoax
  1. Connecticut's State Medical Examiner Wayne Carver's press conference remark:
    ... I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.

  2. The missing kids. Sandy Hook Elementary was said by some sources to have more than 600 students. But all but a couple of dozen are absent from any of the press photos and helicopter videos.
    Here they are: all seventeen of them. Source

  3. Adam Lanza, nerd, 120-lb weakling and expert marksman.

  4. Did Adam Lanza even exist during the last three years? Records say no:

    Adam Lanza, the Invisible Man

  5. This Sandy Hook Elementary School grade-three student, Louis, tells Dr. Oz.
    Yes, I remembered that a lot, a lot of policemen were, um, in the school. Well, a lot, I was like hiding under ... When we were having a drill, we were hiding under, like ...

  6. Helicopter footage showing lots of policemen 
    outside Sandy Hook school, but no ambulances

  7. And all those people at the fires station to which children were evacuated, just waking in circles. See at 4:30 in this video. And note that if there were 600 kids being reunited with their parents there should have been well over a thousand people milling around. As it is, there seem to have been no more than about a hundred or so walking in circles.

  8. CNN's Anderson Cooper talking over fake video footage of Emergency First Responders at Sandy Hook, trashing Professor James Tracy for suggesting Sandy Hook was poorly covered by the mainstream media. Absurdy, Cooper argues that suggesting that kid may not have been murdered at Sandy Hook would be deeply offensive to the relatives of the, um, children not killed.

  9. Did the Lanza's really have two sons? Evidence of doctored divorce papers.

  10. The Bing Cache of December 13, 2012, With the text of the Newtown Bee's before-it-happened story on the Sandy Hook Massacre.
Actually, one could double the length of this list or multipy by ten. For example:

Gene Rosen Included In News Footage The Morning of 12/14/12
Photoshopped press images

Those devastated victim relatives 

Then there's Robbie Parker 

Corrections or suggestions for additions to this list welcome.
PS: Can anyone provide a link to the aerial footage of someone carrying a life-size dummy across the school yard? Or was it the fire station yard? 


  1. Many thanks for the link.

    - Aangirfan

  2. So, four years after the event, all of the videos I included in this story have been flushed. How well named, U-Tube is. it must have been named by Google with George Orwell's 1984 and the Memory Hole in mind.