Friday, February 8, 2013

Sandy Hook Elementary Student: There Were Lots of Policemen While We Were Having a Drill

Aangirfan's most recent report on Sandy Hook draws attention to a remarkable interview conducted by Dr. Oz (Mehmet Oz) with Sandy Hook Elementary School Third-Grader, Louis.

Dr Oz:
We're here with some of the children and their parents who experienced the Newtown tragedy first hand ... I asked all the kids what questions they want me to ask because, obviously, this is a sensitive topic.

So, Louis, you wanted me to ask you about what you remembered from that day?
Yes, I remembered that a lot, a lot of policemen were, um, in the school. Well, a lot, I was like hiding under ... When we were having a drill, we were hiding under, like ... 
Dr. Oz: 
Take your time. Don't hurry ... Let me ask you: what would you like to say to your teachers about Friday? 
I dunno, but. It's like ...
Dr. Oz.
You appreciate your teachers? 

"When we were having a drill, we were hiding under ..."

"Take your time ..."

Bit late there with the redirection, Dr. Oz.

Until now, the MSM opinion moulders have sought to stifle any suggestion (and here) that Sandy Hook was a drill, by indignantly accusing any who raise the possibility of insulting the memory of the victims and outraging their loved ones.

But with a witness to the event telling us they were having a drill, the possibility cannot be denied that there were either no victims, or if there were victims, that they were victims of a drill that went live. In the latter case, their memory is best served by demanding the truth about the outrageous official incompetence or criminality that resulted in their deaths.

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