Friday, September 9, 2011

The ideology of Tony Blair, imperialist

Bringing on the NWO: "A catastrophic and catalyzing event".

Former Uk Ambassador, Craig Murray, who was booted from the UK diplomatic service for his opposition to the use by the UK Government of information gained through torture by the notorious, boil 'em alive, billionaire President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, today launched a brief but violent blog assault on former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, by whose government he was sacked.

The pretext for the attack was this report of Blair's cheer leading for war on Syria and Iran. Blair, Murray suggests, is best understood as a serial killer addicted to mass murder like Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

This, I suggest is nonsense. Tony Blair is unquestionably a serial liar whose lies were critical in the launch of an unjust war on Iraq. But to understand what drives Blair, one need to consider the ideology that motivates him or those who pull his strings.

The Project for the New American Century (Authors: Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush and misc. NeoCons) stated in 1997 that America must seek global hegemony through a massive military build-up which is likely to be long delayed "absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor" (i.e., we need 9/11 now).

It is in this context that Blair's actions are intelligible. He is a mouthpiece for the NWO, as announced by George H.W. Bush in 1991, and as driven by the World Trade Organization and the GATT round (signed by Bill Clinton) and the War on Terror (Bush/Blair/Obama).

So folks must decide: do they believe in a New World Order, under which the nations of the world, as racial, cultural and religious entities are crushed out of existence, and where a plutocratic elite control the world through a system of pseudo-democracies and elite-controlled media and education establishments, or do they want to preserve the 20th century system of often somewhat democratic nation states, with the inherent risk that such a system entails of repeated international conflicts.

the RULING elites in the NAFTA, EU and NATO states have opted for the New World Order. Consistent with that decision, these states must seek to co-opt or crush all states seeking to preserve their sovereignty, and their distinctive political, cultural and religious traditions. The essentials of this policy were spelled out in 2002 in a Guardian newspaper article by Tony Blair's foreign policy adviser Robert Cooper.
The most logical way to deal with chaos, and the one employed most often in the past, is colonisation. But this is unacceptable to postmodern states. Empire and imperialism are words that have become a form of abuse and no colonial powers are willing to take on the job, though the opportunities - perhaps even the need - for colonisation is as great as it ever was in the nineteenth century. Those left out of the global economy risk falling into a vicious circle. Weak government means disorder and that means falling investment.

All the conditions for imperialism are there, but both the supply and demand for imperialism have dried up. And yet a world in which the efficient and well-governed export stability and liberty seems eminently desirable.

What is needed is a new kind of imperialism, one compatible with human rights and cosmopolitan values: an imperialism which aims to bring order and organisation but which rests today on the voluntary principle.

We already have voluntary imperialism of the global economy through institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. These multilateral institutions provide help to states wishing to find their way back into the global economy and into the virtuous circle of investment and prosperity. In return they make demands which, they hope, address the political and economic failures that have contributed to the original need for assistance.
There we have it. The Blair policy: to all those who challenge US/NATO the message is: you will be assimilated -- resistance is futile.

In Libya, Britain attempted voluntary co-option, but the patience of the French appears to have been exhausted when Gaddafi cancelled arms purchases from France in favor of deals offering better value for money with Russia and China. Obama supported France and assimilation by force is now underway. As a consequence, Blair has moved on to the next phase of the drive for global empire, the assimilation of Syria and Iran.

Even now, it may not be too late for either country to join the Empire of the Willing. No doubt Tony Blair, Middle East envoy on behalf of the US, Russia, the UN and the EU, would be happy to meet with representatives of these recalcitrant states and attempt to work out a deal.

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