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John Buchan, Canadian Governor General (1935 - 1940) On Conspiracies Driving World Events

By Aangirfan
Updated April 18, 2011

John Buchan (Image source).

John Buchan was briefly the head of the UK intelligence service. (Grumpy Old Bookman: John Buchan: The Three Hostages)

He helped invent the spy novel.

In his adventure story The Three Hostages (1924), John Buchan described rather accurately the way in which the world works, and the way in which a big modern conspiracy is carried out....

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John Buchan was associated with the central figures in what was perhaps the largest world-shaping conspiracy of his time: Cecil Rhodes' Secret Society, of which the Round Table groups, including Chatham House in London, the Institutes for International Affairs in seven British Commonwealth countries (in Canada, renamed the Canadian International Council in 2007)  and the independent but closely related Council on Foreign Relations in America, are the public faces and propaganda arms.

A fine example of the work of these entities is provided in this rebuttal of a Globe and Mail article in which Margaret Wente had the temerity to condemn US/UK/French imperialist intervention in Libya. A well polished piece of globalist propaganda.

Naturally, neither Margaret Wente nor the CIC tell you anything of the role of the Western powers in instigating the rebellion in Libya, arming the rebels and providing the rebels with an American-backed leader. So whichever side of the argument you read, you'll be left with the idea that the war is about NATO saving brown people from their own savagery, not about imperialists exploiting violence of their own creation, to justify self-serving violence on a greater scale.

I discussed Rhodes Secret Society, which aimed to spread the benefits of British civilization to the entire globe, here:

The Beautiful People Who Run the World

Aangirfan has drawn attention to the points about John Buchan that we added here, and added much more in another piece about Buchan and the Secret Rulers of the World.

The new piece includes several useful links including:

Deconstructing the US Military: America's Global War against Planet Earth.

In another post Aangirfan draws attention to the article Through the Looking Glass: The World's Mastermind: The Hidden Face of Globalization by Adrian Salbuchi, a pithy analysis of the genocidal war of the globalist elite on your nation state:

As we now have it, globalization can be defined as an ideology that identifies the Sovereign Nation-State as its key enemy, basically because the State's main function is (or should be) to prioritize the interests of the Many - i.e., "the People" - over the interests of the Few.  Accordingly, the forces of globalization seek to weaken, dissolve and eventually destroy the very foundations of the Nation-State as a basic social institution, in order to replace it with new supra-national worldwide social, political, economic, financial and military management structures.  Such structures tie in with the political objectives and economic interests of a small number of highly concentrated and very powerful groups and organizations which today drive and steer the globalization process in a very specific direction. ...

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