Wednesday, July 6, 2011

David Cameron's Deeply Unpleasant Associates and the War to Save Libyans From Themselves

Aangirfan has an interesting post that touches on UK Prime Minister David Cameron's links with some deeply unpleasant people who worked for the deeply unpleasant pornographer Rupert Murdoch (aka Rupe the Poop).

But then the deeply unpleasant character of David Cameron's associates should be no reason for surprise, since David Cameron is a deeply unpleasant person in his own right, who can, with a straight face, justify bombing the crap out of Libya on the grounds that this is necessary for the protection of Libyans, even if that means killing them due to "technical problems of our weapons systems."

Yeah, it's nothing to do with the decision to drop high explosive from 40,000 feet, its just an unfortunate accident: a weapons system malfunction.

However, we in Canada should not feel morally superior to the Brits. More than 600 Canadian forces members and six Canadian CF-18 fighter bombers are engaged in the NATO led mission, which is headed by Canadian  Lt.-Gen. Charlie Bouchard.

And now they're the official opposition, slavering at the possibility of achieving office four year from now, the NDP, Canada's supposed party of conscience, gave unanimous support the extension of Canada's war on libya, while offering bullshit amendments against "rape as a weapon of war", a weapon that even Obama bin Lyin' said was only "potentially" being used by the Libyan army.

Well, at least the Green Party's only MP, Elizabeth May voted against war to install the Benghazi gang of al Qaeda terrorists, monarchists, Muslim fundamentalists and anti-black racists in power in Tripoli.

And more, much more, here about Mr. Cameron's deeply unpleasant friends at NewsCrap (Poop Murdoch, Prop.).

And this from the Daily Torygraph:

David Cameron is in the sewer because of his News International friends:

...We are talking about a pattern of behaviour here. Indeed, it might be better described as a course of action. Mr Cameron allowed himself to be drawn into a social coterie in which no respectable person, let alone a British prime minister, should be seen dead.
Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson: friends of the PM (Photo: BBC)
Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson: friends of the PM (Photo: BBC)
It was called the Chipping Norton set, an incestuous collection of louche, affluent, power-hungry and amoral Londoners, located in and around the Prime Minister’s Oxfordshire constituency. Brooks and her husband, the former racing trainer Charlie Brooks, live in a house scarcely a mile from David and Samantha Cameron’s constituency home. The two couples meet frequently, and have continued to do so long after the phone hacking scandal became well known.
The Prime Minister cannot claim in defence that he was naively drawn in to this lethal circle. He was warned – many times. Shortly before the last election he was explicitly told about the company he was keeping. Alan Rusbridger – editor of The Guardian newspaper, which has performed such a wonderful service to public decency by bringing to light the shattering depravity of Mr Murdoch’s newspaper empire – went to meet one of Mr Cameron’s closest advisers shortly before the last election. He briefed this adviser very carefully about Mr Coulson, telling him many troubling pieces of information that could not then be put into the public domain.
Here's how the government of the deeply unpleasant David Cameron investigates charges against itself of crimes against humanity.

And a couple of good question from Craig Murray about the investigation of criminal wrong doing by friends of the deeply unpleasant David Cameron.

This just in: David Cameron's friend arrested "by appointment" (yes, Friday'll be fine, by then I should have deleted all my emails and other incriminating files) by police investigating phone hacking and corruption allegations.

Meantime, police investigate mass deletion of incriminating emails.

And, the New York Times reports, "Britain’s media regulatory agency, is expected to announce later in the day that it will consider the out of control journalistic practices in the newsroom of The News of the World as relevant in determining if Mr. Murdoch’s News Corporation would meet the “fit and proper” test for taking full ownership of BSkyB, as the pay-television company is known. LOL.

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