Monday, May 9, 2011

36 Statistics Which Prove That The American Middle Class Is Targeted for Destruction

The U.S. middle class is being shredded, ripped apart and systematically wiped out.  If you doubt this, just check out the statistics below.  The American Dream is being transformed into an absolute nightmare.  Once upon a time, the rest of the world knew that most Americans were able to live a middle class lifestyle.  Most American families had nice homes, most American families had a car or two, most American families had nice clothes, most American families had an overabundance of food and most American families could even look forward to sending their children to college if that is what the kids wanted to do.  There was an implicit promise that this was the way that it was always going to be.  Most of us grew up believing that if we worked really hard in school and that if we stayed out of trouble and that if we did everything that "the system" told us to do that there would be a place for us in the middle class too.  Well, it turns out that "the system" is breaking down.  There aren't enough good jobs for all of us anymore.  In fact, there aren't very many crappy jobs either.  Millions are out of work, millions have lost their homes and nearly all of the long-term economic trends just keep getting worse and worse.  So is there any hope for the U.S. middle class?
No, there is not.
Unless fundamental changes are made economically, financially and politically, the long-term trends that are destroying the U.S. middle class will continue to do so.
The number of good jobs has been declining for a long time.  The good jobs that have been lost are being replaced by a smaller number of low paying "service jobs".
Meanwhile, the cost of everything is going up.  It is getting really hard for American families to be able to afford to put food on the table and to put gas in the tank.  Health care costs are absolutely outrageous and college tuition is now out of reach for millions of American families.
Every single month more American families fall out of the middle class.  Today there are 18 million more Americans on food stamps than there were just four years ago.  More than one out of every five U.S. children is living in poverty.  Things are getting really, really bad out there.
The following are 36 statistics which prove that the American Dream is turning into an absolute nightmare for the middle class....
#1 The competition for decent jobs in America has gotten absolutely insane.  There have been reports of people actually getting down on their knees and begging for jobs.  Many Americans are starting to wonder if they will ever get a decent job again.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average duration of unemployment in the United States is now an all-time record 39 weeks....
#2 According to the Wall Street Journal, there are 5.5 million Americans that are unemployed and yet are not receiving unemployment benefits.
#3 The number of "low income jobs" in the U.S. has risen steadily over the past 30 years and they now account for 41 percent of all jobs in the United States.
#4 Only 66.8% of American men had a job last year.  That was the lowest level that has ever been recorded in all of U.S. history.
#5 Once upon a time, anyone could get hired at McDonald's.  But today McDonald's turns away a higher percentage of applicants than Harvard does.  Approximately 7 percent of all those that apply to get into Harvard are accepted.  At a recent "National Hiring Day" held by McDonald's only about 6.2 percent of the one million Americans that applied for a job were hired.
#6 There are now about 7.25 million fewer jobs in America than when the recession began back in 2007. ...

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