Monday, April 11, 2011

Libya: when is regime change not regime change? When it is a necessary change of the regime

By Keep Tony Blair for PM

At the last post I used a 5 minute video clip of Blair at his majestic best on 18th March 2003 during the Parliamentary debate on Iraq.

Blair fights for his political survival in the parliamentary debate on the Iraq Invasion, 18th March 2003. He said he had never called for regime change. He won the vote, due to Conservative party support.

The video deserves a post to itself. Watch it here at BBC Democracy Live.

For comparison, read David Cameron’s remarks yesterday in response to a question in the House on regime change:

Mr James Arbuthnot (North East Hampshire) (Con): Yet again, my right hon. Friend has shown a breathtaking degree of courage and leadership. I support what he has said and what he has done. Does he agree that, while regime change is not the aim of these resolutions, in practice there is little realistic chance of achieving their aims without regime change?

18th March, 2011. Cameron tells parliament HE has done everything legally and through the proper UN channels. When asked, he does not deny that regime change in Libya is on the agenda. Which of these premiers is the more principled? The one who risked all, and despite winning the vote lost credibility in some quarters, though NOT calling for regime change - or the one who used the no-fly zone shield to achieve regime change?

The Prime Minister: My right hon. Friend puts it extremely well. The aim is clear: to put in place what has been required by the UN Security Council, which is a cessation of hostilities. It is the protection of lives and the protection of people. It is the prevention of a bloodbath in Benghazi. It is to make sure that arms do not get to Libya, that assets are frozen and that travel bans are imposed. It is all those things. Those are the aims, and they are what we must now pursue.

Of course, like many other leaders the world over, we have all said that Gaddafi needs to go in order for Libya to have a peaceful, successful and democratic future, and that remains the case. ...

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