Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Confusion European Liberals Make Between Liberalism and Democracy

A difficult local election campaign is underway. Oh look! Cameron is making an anti-immigrant speech. What a coincidence! And is it not heartening to see this robustly liberal response from the Lib Dems:

We use different language. But we all work in government to strike a balance to ensure Britain has a system people have confidence in.

Cringe. Actually I do not disagree that those seeking standard immigration routes to this country should speak the language, but why English? Why not Welsh or Gaelic?

So says Craig Murray in a blog post that nicely illustrates how muddled and self-destructive Liberal thinking on immigration to Europe can be.

How can Britain have "a system [of mass immigration] that people have confidence in" when it is an established fact (see also here, here and here) that two thirds of the population are opposed to mass immigration?

Whether immigrants speak English, or some useless Celtic fringe language, is beside the point.

The issue that the pathetic lib-lefties cannot grasp or will not admit is that (a) Britain is supposedly a democracy, and (b) most people in Britain think that Britain should be run in the interest of the British people, which means keeping out a mass of immigrants to what is a very crowded country with a severe unemployment and underemployment problem.

So the only policy that the British public will have confidence in is one that ends mass immigration, period.

That the Lib-left howl "racist" when anyone points this out, does not alter the fact that they, the Liberals and leftists, are (a) anti-democratic in their basic ideology, and (b) in bed with the globalists and Anglo-American imperialists intent on creating a universal system in which the British people have no privileged place in their own country.

At present, my comment to this effect on Murray's blog is "in moderation." Best it stay there, probably, since I will likely otherwise be subject to the venomous abuse of which only very self-satisfied liberals seem capable.

Actually, my comment did pass the censor at, leading, so far, to an amiable, if misspelled (by me), discussion about beer.

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