Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

When Does a Nuclear Disaster End? Never, writes Tony Cartalucci, in an introduction to the BBC's Emmy-winning report on the Chernobyl disaster.

Fortunately, the disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant may prove to be orders of magnitude less catastrophic than Chernobyl, as Jeremy Bernstein explains.

Today, Aangirfan reports on Gladio-style terrorism in Syria.

In Sunday's French local elections, the socialists trounced Sarkozy's ruling party with 36% of the votes versus 18%, and the anti-immigration National Front surged to 11%.

As NATO conducted air raids on Tripoli and Col. Gaddafi's home town of Sirte, Libyan opposition forces claimed major advances, including the capture of two key oil facilities and the occupation of Sirte.

However much Col. Gaddafi would like to kill his own people, it is unlikely that he would do that in either his capital of Tripoli or his home town of Sirte. We can assume, therefore, that NATO bombing of those cities is intended to cripple the war fighting capacity of the Libyan government, thereby paving the way to victory for the rebel forces of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and others allied against the Government. Thus we are witnessing what has been condemned by Russia as an intervention in a civil war not backed by the U.N. resolution authorizing no-fly zones.

The method of regime change now being employed by NATO was successfully used by the United States in Afghanistan in 2001 where US bombing provided the cover allowing the rebel forces of the Northern Alliance to occupy Kabul and drive the Taliban out of power.

Craig Murray, former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan has just called NATO's war on Libya illegal. A bit late, it seems to me, since I had informed him a couple of days ago that UK Government coalition leaders, Nick Clogg and that very nice Mr. David Cameron, are a couple of effing war criminals. But it is good to see someone with all the baggage of a diplomatic training getting the the point eventually, as probably no other of Her Britanic Majesty's representatives, former or otherwise, have yet done.

Nick Clogg seems to have screwed himself, as according to the Mirror, Public support for the Lib-Dem-Fascist War Party is now down to 10%. Why didn't Clogg break with the Cons over this, precipitate a new election and become PM himself? Is he not very bright, or what? Or perhaps the war was already on the drawing board when the coalition agreement was made.

But as the Mirror report indicates, Clogg is not finished yet, having "ordered strategists to consider dumping the flying bird logo and even changing the party’s name." LOL. I will award one free subscription to the CanSpeccy for the best alternative to the flying bird logo, since off-hand I cannot think what would look best wallowing in deep shit.

When home buyers strike: Garth Turner reports on the market down under.

Imagine a place where housing’s hopelessly unaffordable. Where it takes six or nine times an annual income to get a home. Where young people, despite their inexperience and lack of money, are dangerously pushed into piles of debt. Where folks are told there’s a shortage of land, in a country that’s mostly empty. Where government has purposefully inflated real estate. Where anyone can flip on TV and see what housing excess did to the middle class in Britain or America. But where everything thinks it’s different.

And it ain’t Canada. Continued here.

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