Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why the West is Going Down the Tubes, No. 39: Anti-White Racism Opens the Way to Admission at Elite American University

Ziad Ahmed, the son of a Wall St. hedge fund manager, is an American-Muslim Bangladeshi, who attends an expensive privates school in Princeton New Jersey, has just been offered a place at Stanford University.

In his application to Stanford, Ziad Ahmed responded to the question “What matters to you, and why?” by writing the hashtag "#BlackLivesMatter" 100 times. Apparently Stanford liked that, and sent Ahmed a letter of acceptance last Friday.

Image Source: Insufferable Brown-nosing SJW Asian Tiger Scion Rides #BlackLivesMatter from Princeton Day School to Stanford.

In fact, there's nothing absolutely insufferable about this, indeed it's the sort of contempt for European Americans and Western civilization that European Americans are intended to suffer on an ongoing basis until such time as they become an an oppressed, suppressed, and depressed minority in the formerly great nation that their ancestors built.

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