Friday, March 24, 2017

Trudeau's Liberals Screwing Young Canadians Big Time

Some people, I've heard, find that young Canadian workers have a poor attitude. They show up for work late, it's said — that is if they show up at all. What's more, they dress inappropriately, and they just generally don't seem to care.

Taxing Old People in Australia the Same as Young
people Could Raise $1 Billion a Year: Source
That's presumably just a small minority. Still, young people are being so thoroughly screwed by Trudeau’s Liberals that one wonders why they show up for work at all. This month's Federal budget, for example, massively increased public debt, debt that will certainly not be paid by the older generation, while massively increasing benefits to those over 64. Meantime, annual expenditure for the benefit of those under 45 has increased by about 38 cents.

At the same time, the Feds, by way of the Bank of Canada, and without any opposition from the provinces, continue to maintain its policy interest rate at 0.5%, far below the current inflation rate, with the result that real estate prices have been driven sky high. For the older generation, this provides the happy option of cashing out of their no longer needed family homes with huge capital gains, capital gains at the expense of young people undertaking massive debt in order to enter the property market — young people who, for the most part, are already loaded with debt from what is increasingly a program of brainwashing known as higher education.

In effect, young workers are going to work pretty much their entire lives to pay off debts. Their position is for all practical purposes the same as that of indentured servants, i.e., slaves. No wonder some of them are difficult to manage, they’re probably saying "fuck you" under their breath every day as they greet their moaning bosses.

And in fact one of the key ways in which this younger generation has been screwed is by exposure to an education system that fails in most cases to prepare people for the workforce, which is to say an education system that fails to make students understand that their success in employment depends on making themselves useful and agreeable to those they work for. Instead, they are learning how to be tiresomely opinionated and annoyingly entitled.

But the older generation shouldn't be complacent. Once they figure out what's going on, this younger generation will surely want involuntary euthanasia for the elderly. Already, respect for and even common courtesy toward the elderly seems to be in decline. Those who now live by generational politics my yet die by generational politics.


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