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Ukraine Update April 30–May 1, 2014

VOR: Kiev destabilizes Donetsk to impose state of emergency - activist
FixNews: NATO official says Russia now an adversary
RiaNovosti: Russia Starts Combat Helicopter Training Flights on Baltic Border
Guardian: Putin calls for Ukrainian troops to withdraw from south-east
Zero Hedge: IMF Warns Ukraine: Fight For The East Or No Money
Zero Hedge: Meanwhile In Donetsk, "It's Getting Ugly Here" - Live Feed
Zero Hedge: "People's Republic Of Donetsk" Unveils Independence Referendum Set For May 11th
Source: The Internet Post

VOR: Elite German special forces unit ready to storm Slavyansk to release OSCE observers
Which strongly suggests that the people the Western media have been calling "observers" were indeed spies, who must be retrieved before they can be put on trial during which they are likely to make a full confession.

Seumus Milne: It's not Russia that's pushed Ukraine to the brink of war
... After Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia, the bulk of the western media abandoned any hint of even-handed coverage. So Putin is now routinely compared to Hitler, while the role of the fascistic right on the streets and in the new Ukrainian regime has been airbrushed out of most reporting as Putinist propaganda.

So you don't hear much about the Ukrainian government's veneration of wartime Nazi collaborators and pogromists, or the arson attacks on the homes and offices of elected communist leaders, or the integration of the extreme Right Sector into the national guard, while the anti-semitism and white supremacism of the government's ultra-nationalists is assiduously played down, and false identifications of Russian special forces are relayed as fact.

The reality is that, after two decades of eastward Nato expansion, this crisis was triggered by the west's attempt to pull Ukraine decisively into its orbit and defence structure, via an explicitly anti-Moscow EU association agreement. ...
VOR: Kiev forces plan to storm federalist buildings in Southeastern Ukraine on May 2
Russia's Foreign Ministry warns that Kiev regime's assault operation involving right sector in southeastern Ukraine may lead to disastrous consequences.

RT: Pro-autonomy activists seize prosecutor's office in Donetsk
SCF: On the Contradictions between Washington and Berlin on Ukraine Canada leading risky military observer mission in Ukraine
...the crew of frigate HMCS Regina will drop its anti-piracy mission in the Arabian Sea to bolster NATO's military build-up in response to Russian actions in Ukraine.
What they gonna do? Bombard the Russian naval base at Sevastapol, or what? Sounds right out of the land of the loonie, the Pipsqueak Power of the North, with fewer soldiers than Toronto has police officers..

 The Star: Canadian observers in Ukraine accuse Ottawa of breaking promise
... the advance team went public with a story of broken promises, accusing bureaucrats of tearing up their financial agreement after the fact and imposing a frugal new compensation package that some say will leave them subsidizing the mission out of their own pockets.
Zero Hedge: IMF Approves Loan (To Pay Ukraine's Gazprom Bill): Putin 1 - 0 IMF

Zero Hedge: Battleground Ukraine: A Comprehensive Summary (From A Russian Perspective)
Brzezinski ... said: "Don't fool yourself. We are not at war with communism, but with Russia, whatever it may be called." If he´d said war against "the Russian spirit", then he would have been practically repeating the words of Churchill, who said in 1940:
"We are not at war with Hitler, or even the National-Socialism. We are at war with the German spirit, the spirit of Schiller, so that it may never be revived.
" The kind of spiritual castration that was imposed upon the Germans after 1945, that's what they wanted to do to Russia after 1991.
Office of the Prime Minister: Stephen Harper, Mighty Mouse of the North, commits Navy for, um, war? with Russia

Harper is actually committing the navy in a bid to convince Canadians, when it comes time for them to vote in next year's Federal election, what a cool tough guy he is. The downside to this is that some may conclude that he is stark staring bonkers.

SCF: White House Advisors on Russia: Who Are These People?
Global Research: Explaining Ukraine. History, Nationhood and the New World Order
Global Research: Kerry, Obama, Putin: The Fool, the Demagogue, and the Former KGB Colonel
Global Research: Are Western Policies Evil or Desperate?
NEO: Crimean Referendum: One Law for All, Only if the West Says So!
NEO: The Obama “Un-Presidency”
Orrazz: Russian Deputy Prime Minister: "After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest to the USA to bring their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline"
RT: Violence in Kyiv: Ukraine NATO-backed Nazi's turn on Yatsenyuk government
RT: Putin: Washington behind Ukraine events all along, though flying low
Itar-Tass: Donetsk Republic can defend its sovereignity — protesters' leader
Itar-Tass: Kiev regime is pushing Ukraine to catastrophe — Russia's ambassador to UN
VOR: Yatsenyuk could be controlled by CIA through Scientology

Why attempt to control Yatsenyuk via Scientology when, by his own admission, he's a NATO/US State Department/Chatham House puppet.

VOR: US runs processes in Ukraine since very start - President Putin
Press TV: Tarpley Points Out Fake-OSCE Observers Are Actually NATO Military Officers
Guardian: Ukraine's government has lost control of east, says acting president

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