Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crimea and Punishment

The United States of Assimilation spent $five billion on subversion in Ukraine culminating in the violent Nazi-backed overthrow of the legitimate democratic government. The coup resulted in the installation of the Nato/Chatham House/US State Department-funded puppet, Arse Yatsenyuk, thereby extending the South European border of the globalist empire a thousand kilometers Eastward.

The Imperial authorities were naturally outraged when those devious Russians engineered a democratic counter-coup restoring Crimea — accounting for approximately five percent of the territory and population of Ukraine — to constitutional rule as a member of the Russian Federation. This gross affront to the United States of Arrogance necessitates the exemplary punishment and humiliation of Russia.

The problem for the United States of Aggression is to find effective means whereby punishment can be applied. Diplomatic action at the UN has yielded negligible results, with Russia vetoing a motion of condemnation by the UN Security Council and China abstaining, while almost half the members of the General Assembly, including no-friend-of-Nazis Israel, failed to support a non-binding, i.e., meaningless, vote of censure.

On the economic front, Europe has declined to punish itself by damaging commercial relations with its largest energy supplier and third largest single-country trade partner, while America's sanctions on Bank Rossiya have prompted Russia to launch an international payments system in competition with Visa and MasterCard. Well done the United States of Annoyance.

In response to a further insult from the American financial octopus, Russia has undertaken to create its own international financial transaction mechanism that will bypass the Western-controlled Bank of International Settlements. In the long-run this may prove to be another own goal for the United States of Asseveration.

Perhaps the United States of Avengement will also seek to punish the "gas station masquerading as a country" as Russia has been described by the prominent American psychopath Senator Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Iran McCain, by barring purchases of Russian-built motors that power the Atlas rocket, America's chief means of access to space.

Meantime, Russia is to be vilified by resort to the abusive language of the Cold War, being described as the dictatorship of Putin the Terrible, notwithstanding that Russia has been a constitutional republic with an elected parliament, senate and presidency for more than 20 years.

Russia is also to be condemned for moving troops on its own territory as it prepares to protect, if need be, ethnic Russians in Ukraine subject to martial law enforced by foreign mercenaries. Thus, a Ukraine foreign ministry spokesperson complained:
We have information that the Russian Federation is carrying out unfathomable maneuvers on the borders with Ukraine. Such action can not fail to cause concern especially since we today do not have a clear explanation from the Russian Federation about the aims of these movements.
Yeah, well, while explanations are being demanded one thing Lavrov might demand of Kerry during their next face to face meeting is YTF have you just sent war planes, at least one aerial tanker and additional servicemen to to the Baltic region and Poland? Not that the United States of Assertion is accustomed to explaining its actions on the demands of a mere regional power.

The fact is,  Russia is not morally fit to undertake the "responsibility-to-protect" its fellow nationals, whereas the United States of Annihilation is free bomb any country "back to the Stone Age," as in Iraq and Libya, in the name of protecting those who might otherwise be "killed by their own government."

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