Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Fascist New World Order

The New World Order is the objective of a fascist movement for global empire.

To understand what the New World Order is to be, one must understand the term Fascism, which is used as widely as it is misunderstood. In particular, it is usually conflated with National Socialism or Nazism from which it differs in fundamental ways.

Flag of Fascist Italy
To Benito Mussolini, who created and led Italy's National Fascist Party, fascism meant absolute control of the nation by the state, which in turn was controlled by the will of a single individual, the dictator. Thus, under fascism, the people, their culture, loyalties and religious traditions are shaped at the will of the state employing any means, including eugenics, state-controlled education, propaganda and economic manipulation.

The theory of National socialism was very different as it considered the state the embodiment of the nation and thus the means by which the will of the nation was expressed. This feature of German Nazism accounts for it genocidal approach to other nationalities, including Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Poles and other Slavs as well as Jews, for by enslaving or exterminating other peoples the German people were to benefit through access to resources and land.

The present-day conflation of Fascism with Nazism is surely not accidental as it serves to mask the fascist character of the globalist imperative. Contrary to the nationalist ideal, the New World Order, as advocated by the Rhodes-Milner group in Great Britain in the early decades of the last century and by the NeoCons of the United States since George H.W. Bush's declaration of the New World Order before a joint session of Congress on September 11, 1991, requires the destruction of the nation states, and the racial groups that those states represent. Thus, the objective is not the superiority of one nation over all others*, but the destruction of all nations and the subordination of all peoples to the control of an undemocratic system of global governance. This is not National Socialism or Nazism but anti-nationalism, and closely akin to Soviet Communism except in its collaboration with, rather than through the destruction of, the Money Power, which is what makes it distinctively fascist.

Raphael Lemkin
The destruction of a nation's identity, culture and racial distinctness are all aspects of genocide as Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term, defined it. And the objective of globalist fascism is precisely that. Human biodiversity is to be eradicated by mongrelization of the World's population through mass migration, as was forced upon the people of the independent nations held captive within the borders of the Soviet Union during the Stalinist era.

United Nations flag
National identities are to be submerged within undemocratic, supranational entities such as the UN, the EU, NAFTA, and cultures and religions are to be trivialized and ultimately discarded for a sense of "global belonging." Religion is to be held in contempt and ties of family, national and racial kinship are to be condemned and criminalized as racism.

These objectives can be achieved only by totalitarian means, including the denial of free speech (political correctness), the denial of democracy (hackable voting machines, propaganda administered through the state-controlled education system, government infiltration of the Internet, and a compliant and mendacious corporate media), and eugenics (state funded mass abortion, euthanasia, promotion of non-reproductive sex, and the fostering of contempt for family values).

Existing national constitutions impede the project for a New World Order and must be discarded. This has already occurred in Britain where mass immigration has been forced upon an unwilling population in clear defiance of Britain's unwritten constitution, while in America, where the Constitution is now understood to be no more than a "piece of paper," the government is intent on the legalization of propaganda And "Psychological Operations" targetting U.S. citizens.

This is the complete antithesis of democracy. It is government of the people by hidden forces that seek to reduce the people to the status of domesticated animals, to be bred, herded, culled, and indoctrinated as the government sees fit. The New World Order marks the end of humanity as a collection of free men and women and its transformation to a colonial species where a hidden power, of which the people know little or nothing, controls, exploits and as it deems fit, ends the lives of every individual.
* Some might argue that the New World Order is, in fact, more Nazi than fascist; i.e., that the goal is the domination of the World by Israel and the Jewish people as ordained by the Torah, for which reason Jewish nationalism and racism is tolerated in the name of anti-racism. This seems a reasonable hypothesis, although one that is difficult to evaluate. The assumption that the New World Order is a Jewish conspiracy inspired by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, whether they be a forgery or otherwise, is consistent with the behavior of the state of Israel and the utterances of a significant minority of powerful Jews. Notwithstanding that possibility, it should be acknowledged that the majority of ordinary Jews are every bit as manipulated and deceived as the rest of us, while many of them, and quite possibly the majority, oppose Israel's brutal nationalism.


  1. Very good post. It expressed what I already understood but hadn't managed to express quite so eloquently as you've managed.

    My personal opinion is that the 'Jews' are a false, though important, front and that the majority of ordinary Jews are every bit as manipulated and deceived as the rest of us. I do think that Israel and Jerusalem in particular, are important elements in the 'end times' game being played out and that the 'New World Order' is to be controlled from there. The agenda is an occult one though and not merely Judaic. I could speculate on the nature of that occultism by mentioning Lucifer and/or Satan but a definitive identification is difficult to say the least.

    1. Harry, thanks for your comment and the qualification concerning the majority of Jews, a point of which I have taken account in a revision to my footnote.

    2. I tend to believe, as Gilad Atzmon says, that the crux of the matter is 'chosen-ness' which is instilled into virtually all Jews. Some, relatively few, are able to break free of this supremacist programming.

      Here's an example: Where ya from? from 5mins a nice Jewish lady is interviewed then at ~8:15 she comes out with -
      "We the Jewish people are the chosen nation, and all of you will recognise this - its so stupid of the Muslims and Christians not to admit it..."

      Barbara Spectre is another nice (well I'm sure she thinks so) Jewish lady who has a fine sense of her own superiority.

      So although I don't believe many Jews are aware of the details of the conspiracy I suggest most believe that they are chosen - it is their 'divine right' to rule - their destiny.

      Also, not all Jews are equal. The elite are quite willing to sacrifice their own lower orders for the greater good. This was demonstrated by the WW2 Nazi-Zionist pact whereby the zionists selected some jews for 'repatriation' to Israel but refused to take others off the Germans' hands. So, I believe, it is quite possible that the Zionist elite will sacrifice 6,000,000 (that magical number) of Israeli jews in the cause of the International Jewish Utopia.

  2. It looks as if it's all about keeping the feudal system in place.

    The King, barons, knights and rich merchants use trickery, seduction and intimidation to maintain their wealth and power.

    The feudal lords are sometimes at war with each other.

    But in more recent times, under the direction of the CIA-Pentagon, the feudal lords, whether Zionist or Hindu or Christian or Moslem, have been working together on plots like 9 11.

    - Aangirfan

  3. Hi CS,

    How can one come to the conclusion that fascism was essentially not nationalistic, and that, conceptually, it can be reconciled with anti-nationalism?

    Popular history contains so much bullshit that it's hard to tell without extensive reading on the subject.

    Let's not forget, apart from Italy, fascism (is said to have) developed in Hungary, Croatia, Spain, and so on. The Italian foreign policy in the fascist period was pretty national-supremacist in Libya, Ethiopia, Dalmatia.

    1. Mussolini's Fascist party (Fasci di Combattimento) was nationalist inasmuch as Mussolini ruled in the name of the nation. But all national governments rule in the name of the nation, but that does not make every government fascist.

      Indiscriminate application of the term fascist to just about any totalitarian government that is not explicitly Communist leads to confusion.

      For example, calling Nazi Germany a fascist state, a name the Nazi's would have rejected, implies that all fascists are committed to the advancement of the national interest through the extermination of alien minorities within the national or imperial borders. But that would be false, as is evident in the case of Fascist Italy. (When survival of Mussolini's government became dependent of Nazi troops, then Italy was forced to go along with Nazi exterminationist policy toward Jews, but it was not policy arising from the theory of Italian Fascism).

    2. Which is to say that nationalism is the doctrine that the government should act in the interests of the nation -- the obligation of any democratic national government, surely.

      But the idea that the state is the servant of the nation is contrary to fascist ideology, which regarded the nation as something to be shaped by the authoritarian state.

      Neither nationalism nor fascism is synonymous with Nazism. The conflation of these terms conveniently obscures the fascist nature of the American empire, where democracy is a charade and the people are made the servants of the state.

      Here is how Wikipedia describes Mussolini's relation to the corporate interest:

      "He aligned himself with industrial interests and forged a modus vivendi with the ruling groups of Italian capitalism," an arrangement that must seem familiar to Americans.

  4. i wouldnt trust the wikipedia description of fascism

    go straight to the source,it might surprise you

    mussolini - 'the doctrine of fascism'


  5. If your look at the section on the "Corporatist state" in the speech that you refer to, you will find that, with far too many tedious words and bloated phrases, Musso confirms the statement I quoted from Wikipedia, specifically, that he aimed to align the power of the state with that of the great corporations, crushing the power of the workers and their unions in the process.

  6. Hey, brother, great article. I'm going to include it on my website. One problem though, there's a typo in the last sentence where you forgot to separate many and of.