Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our boys bravely bombing Libyan hospitals, three French jets shot down

By Alfred Burdett

We now have evidence of NATO war crimes in Libya.

There is no reason to doubt that these inhumane acts were undertaken deliberately, just as NATO deliberately bombed the Dragisa Misovic hospital in Belgrade and the Grdelica passenger train during the dismemberment of Serbia.

And not a single party in the House of Commons voted against this campaign to save civilians by killing them.

Well at least people should know now not to vote in the upcoming Canadian general election. It's not a good idea to encourage any member of the criminal class.

The bit about three French jets shot down is unconfirmed.


  1. And I bet that you and your ilk would have been first in line to criticize the government if it had done nothing, and you and your fellow hypocrites and dogmatic fools would have then accused the government of allowing another Rwanda.

    Face it, zealot. The whole situation was a no-win scenario, for us or the Libyans. No matter what we did, we would have been seen as the bad guys. And no matter what we would do, people would die. It was a sadistic choice: either prevent a state sanctioned massacre by enabling a civil war, or allow a massacre and represion in exchange for stability. Neither choice was good.

  2. If you held the vituperation and found out what you were talking about before you spouted off it would be a good idea.

    This post had nothing to do with whether "we" should or should not have intervened in Libya, it was about war crimes in Libya.