Wednesday, October 10, 2018

John Ward Bids Farewell to the Twattering Class

John Ward writes: ... this morning, I redesigned my Twitter profile masthead as follows:

This, Ward adds,
was clearly too much for the pinched goblins, and so I have been locked out and will not be reinstated until I’ve sent a State ID, my inside leg measurement, and clearly stated the political affiliation of the two squirrels who share Sloggers’ Roost with me. Obviously, I won’t be doing any of that.
Yes, the billionaire tech crowd have achieved in a decade or so the arrogance of the French aristocracy in the immediate run-up to their tumbrell-ride to le guillotine.

I wonder how the lives of the Lords of Silicon Valley will end. Some, apparently, hope to stuff their brains into a computer and thus live for ever. Can't happen too soon, in my opinion. Good-bye Zucks, Bezos, Brin, Page and Musk and good luck.

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